Management Sour On Two Stars, Masters Hits Former Diva's Car, More

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

The feeling within management on Shelton Benjamin is that he “coasts” too much, presumably because he’s too athletically gifted. McMahon hasn’t invested more time in him because there are doubts about his hunger and willingness to work as hard as is necessary consistently if he were to get a top push. Also, his promo skills remain a concern. Road agent reports from house shows on Benjamin and Carlito are consistently inconsistent, which works against them. Regarding Carlito, the rap on him is that there is a sense of entitlement and that he’s comtimes across as content, if not spoiled.

Linda McMahon has cut back on some of her executive duties in WWE since Michael Selick took over as CFO earlier this year. There is some belief she will further tone down her duties because she is completely content on being a grandmother for Shane and Stephanie’s kids and getting away from the grind and stress of running WWE.

In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, there is an interview with Chris Masters and he talks about how he is a bad driver. He said that he was driving in Los Angeles (where he lives) and he hit someone’s car. Masters was trying to change lanes, but was having problems in doing so. He got frustrated and started cutting a promo out the window. He ended up swiping a car during his frustration. He then came home and there was a message from former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler. He had swiped her car. Masters said that Stacy was okay with it and that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Nonetheless, Masters apologized to her 10 times.

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