Lucha Underground results: Matanza vs. Pentagon Jr. title match; Rey Mysterio confronts Dario

Aztec Warfare 2 has come and gone, and Matanza Cueto is looking for another victim. Pentagon Jr. is also looking for a title shot, and gets it – but if it going to be an example of needing to be careful what you swish for? The Tiros titles are on the line as the current champions battle the Disciples of Death, while Sexy Star looks for revenge against Mariposa!

We get a recap of The Mack helping Sexy Star, before Sexy has a panic attack at the sight of Mariposa. We see Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico winning the trios titles while Dario’s return leads to Catrina losing all of her gold as Matanza won the Lucha Underground Title in Aztec Warfare.

Chingon debuts as the show’s band – which makes sense since Catrina hated bands and had Mil kill all of the other bands and use their bones to build Mil’s throne in the LU comic book. Dario talks about making a new trios title tournament next week, and determining a new number one contender for the LU Title, but Pentagon Jr. interrupts him. A huge Pentagon chant breaks out and he says the only reason Matanza won is he didn’t face Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon has a new white and gold mask that looks odd against his usual black and white color scheme. Dario says that maybe Pentagon isn’t championship material, so Pentagon threatens to snap his arm – so Dario gives him a title shot tonight! It’s time for an opening tag team match.

Taya and Johnny Mundo vs. The Crew

Sick Kick by Castro gets 2. Taya hits a Hart Attack, but eats a double bulldog for 2 while Vamp says she never has to worry about breaking her nose. Mundo tags Taya’s back and goes after Cisco. Cisco avoids the End of the World and hits a neckbreaker and tags Castro back in. Mundo tries to leave and gets called a chickenshit before tagging Taya back in and then coming in when things look good.

Mundo gets backdropped to the floor while Cage’s theme hits and he comes down. Cage is still a machine for those keeping score. 3D codebreaker hits Taya – so The Crew gets a rare win. The Disciples of Death face the new champs tonight for the gold.

We go the creepy house of the Moth family while Marty dresses like a preppy and he reads the story of the Moth tribe and says they’re a tribe of wealth. We see men in suits and lucha masks – which can only mean one thing, that it’s time for a wacky beatdown. Mariposa destroys them all before another guy in a fancy car comes out and also gets beaten up.

We go behind Marty and see that the book he’s been reading from is full of blank pages – so he’s even more crazy than we previously thought. Outside Dario’s office, Black Lotus stands guard while the lights go out in his office. Dario points out that she’s kind of like a ghost now and thanks her for keeping things running while he was gone.

She tells him that death come come for the LU Title, and he tells her that he has no beef with her and even gave her team a rematch for the trios titles. She tells him that Mil will take the title from Matanza and the Temple will be hers again. Catrina disappears, but Black Lotus is still outside – so she just did her teleportation deal.

Son of Havoc, Angenlico, and Ivelisse vs. Disciples of Death – Trios Title Match

Melissa announces this as an elimination match. Bario Negro, the guy in black and gold, faces off with Angelico while Striker talks about expecting a lot of counter-lucha here. Angelico tags Havoc in for a double stomp to the arm. Senton gets 2 for Havoc.

Havoc tosses Negro in for an Ivelisse armdrag. Bario tags in the black and purple dude, but a double-team goes south when she avoids a kick and he hits his partner. Catrina distracts Ivie and she eats a kick and is eliminated. Angelico comes in and knees fools. Negro is taken off the apron with a huge knee strike. 

The black and silver dude goes for a butterfly suplex, but Angelico escapes and hits the crucific powerbomb into the buckles to take him out. Angelico and Havoc hit a big double dive on the remaining guys. Double-jump flying knee to Sinestro (black and purple) leads to an attempt at the crucifix, but it’s countered and he’s eliminated with a sick double team move.

Now, Son of Havoc must win with a 2-on-1 disadvantage. Havoc hits a big flying crossbody to both guys and hits a standing moonsault onto Negro to take him out. Sinestro jumps him and hits him with a lariat leading to a flip sell. Catrina pushes Havoc off before Ivie comes out and high kicks Catrina! Havoc hits a pair of suicide dives on the floor before tossing him in for a shooting star press and the win! This was a lot of fun. Matanza stands menacingly backstage.

We go to Dario’s office and see a collection of fine liquor alongside Dario’s bulls. Dario says he’s starstruck and we see Rey Mysterio, who says he’s here for El Dragon Azteca. Rey says that he went into this Temple and never came out – Rey says that he’s dead and he’s sure Matanza is responsible.

Dario tells Rey that Matanza had nothing to do with that, and while he respects the old world, he is a man of the new world too. Dario says he respects both Rey and Dragon Azteca Jr., and drinks to Dragon Azteca’s memory while saying that he looks forward to the future if Rey and Azteca Jr. can leave the past in the past. Sexy Star is in the ring while Striker talks about her as if she’s the second coming of Ronda Rousey.

Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

Sexy Star avoids a lariat with a roll before going to the floor. Marty is on the floor too, so she goes in and eats a slew of punches in the corner. Sexy avoids a moonsault and runs more than she needs to before trying a submission, but Mariposa drops her into a Samoan Drop and wins with the Vertebreaker – now called the Butterfly Effect.

Mack gets beaten up by both Marty and Mariposa while Striker rattles off exposition at an alarming rate. Epic music plays while Dario enters Matanza’s cage room and lets him out. Since Pentagon likes breaking arms, he wants him to break the back of Pentagon Jr. Robert Rodriguez’s band plays another song briefly before Melissa introduces Pentagon Jr. Dario comes down with Matanza and the key is back around his neck.

Pentagon Jr. vs Lucha Underground Champion The Monster Matanza Cueto

Marty Elias holds the title up high – but stares back at Matanza in fear every now and then too. Pentagon avoids Matanza and dropkicks him to no effect. Superkick is no-sold too. A lungblower is no-sold exactly like Hawk did for Lawler’s piledriver. They go to the floor and Matanza attacks the back, per Dario’s orders. Matanza clears out the crowd and tosses him into steps. Then he throws him into the railing back-first.

Matanza hits the deadlift German suplex and then the rewind powerslam for the win. Vampiro says he can hear Pentagon talking about being hurt in Spanish and gets up and goes in the ring – but gets booted down by Matanza. Matanza goes outside the ring and powerbombs Pentagon through the announce table while Striker says this could be the end of Pentagon. The crowd chants “Cero Miedo” while Pentagon is loaded into the ambulance.

This was a clear setup for Pentagon’s official babyface turn, which has really been coming for a year or so just based on crowd reactions. This was a really fun show, and while Pentagon did get squashed here, so did every other top star against Matanza – so he lost nothing from it here.

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