Lodis Astor Cory Satchel

As I mention over and over again, I’m absolutely obsessed with black leather handbags at the moment. I love pretty much all black handbags but when they feature gold hardware my heart skips a beat. I’m also obsessed with patent leather! Some people love patent leather, some people hate it there really is no in between with it.

When I saw the Lodis Accessories Astor “Cory” Satchel I gasped. A patent leather handbag with gold hardware? Could it be true? To my eyes, thank goodness it was! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an affordable black patent leather bag with gold hardware so I’m in love and drooling at the moment.

I personally love patent leather handbags because I’m always in Florida and New York. It rains in both cities constantly and when my bag gets wet I can easily dry it and presto dry! The bad part about patent leather that it does lose it’s luster quickly if you use the bag constantly, but I believe it to be worth it.

The “Cory” Satchel reminds me of a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 at a better price and without all the free advertisement. I’m a huge fan and the best part about it all, it’s on sale! Who doesn’t love a sale especially in this economy? Score!

You can purchase the Lodis Accessories Astor “Cory” Satchel at Zappos for $245.99.