Live Gate Figure for WrestleMania 33; What Term Did Vince McMahon Ban at WrestleMania?

  • The live gate for WrestleMania 33 last Sunday was $14.5 million, making it the second biggest in company history. The only WrestleMania with a higher gate was last year’s in Dallas at $17.3 million but that was primarily due to having 30,000 more seats.

  • WWE tried to combat the decrease in available seats by significantly raising overall prices for tickets but evidently it still fell slightly short of last year’s number.

  • In somewhat of an amusing note, Vince McMahon told everyone in the company to refrain from referring to the site of WrestleMania as the “Camping World Stadium”, for whatever reason. So that’s why on TV, it was always referring to as the Citrus Bowl, which is technically the old name for the stadium.

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