Kurt Angle On When He Peaked In Wrestling, Learning From Sting & More

Former WWE and TNA star Kurt Angle recently appeared as a guest on Vince Russo’s “The Swerve” podcast at PodcastOne.com. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On when he feels he peaked in his pro wrestling career:

“I felt really good at 38, 39, when I felt I was at my peak. I wrestled the Olympics at 27, and actually, I thought I was horrible! I didn’t know anything then! I wish I would have wrestled at the Olympics at 39.”

On learning a lot from Sting:

“Sting never had to get into it politically and he was always protected. I really think the good Lord did the work for Sting. If anything he would always try to help others–it was never about him. I learned a lot from Sting. He’s the guy I wanted to be like.”

On the reason no one ever tested Kurt Angle throughout his career:

“I was a bad ass. I think everybody knew that and I didn’t think anybody wanted to test that. It does suck that you have to be a bad ass not to get screwed with–but, that’s the way the business is sometimes.”

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