Just 2 months after Ligue 1’s new TV deal begun, the broadcaster is asking to renegotiate the deal down

Just 2 months after the commencement of a €1.15bn a year, 4-year contract the be the major broadcaster in housing French football’s domestic rights, Mediapro CEO Jaume Roures admitted to L’Équipe that they are seeking to renegotiate the deal down owing to COVID-19.

You have not made the latest instalment payment due on 6th October and you have asked the LFP for a delay to do so.

It is more complicated than that. We have asked to speak about our contract this season because of COVID-19. It is obvious that COVID is affecting a lot of aspects of our being able to exploit our rights. We want to talk about that.

You want to renegotiate the contract that you signed with the LFP?

We want to renegotiate the contract for this season. It has been very affected by COVID-19, everyone knows because everyone is suffering through it. We are not questioning the project as it is. Bu the bars and restaurants are closed, advertising is down… These are things that everyone knows.

Do you want to lower the rate you are paying for the 2020/21 rights (€780m for Ligue 1, €34m for Ligue 2)?


How much do you want to pay?

We don’t have an exact amount. We want to renegotiate the price. We have asked to establish a timetable to undertake this negotiation which will not be public… The LFP have themselves asked the government to compensate it for the losses suffered because of COVID… We are on the same wavelength.

The LFP do not seem ready to lower the payment for your rights.

We will negotiate. We need to understand what the conditions are to have this conversation. The LFP are in agreement to come to the table and talk about this subject. We will see how it will finish.

There is a contract that exists. What will happen if the LFP do not agree to lower the payment for your rights?

The contract was established in conditions that are completely different to the current situation. That is obvious. We need to speak about it. Aside from that, we will see how it ends up. We are not putting into question the contract, but we are putting into question the current situation.

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