John Cena Talks More Trash About The Rock, Rapper Talks WM28 Theme

– John Cena posted a thank you message to his fans on Twitter who sent him supportive messages regarding his younger brother, who is battling cancer:

“Thanks to all those with messages of support for my bro. #livestrong”

Cena cut an emotional promo after RAW revealing that his brother has been undergoing various treatments for a brain tumor and is doing better in recent weeks.

Cena also talked some trash about The Rock and sounds like he can’t wait for Monday’s RAW:

“And on another note..has anybody seen @therock ? Because the guy who shows up looking like him really sucks. Prep school thug will be ready for cleveland. Hope great one has is notes right. I meant musical notes…not notes on his hand.”

– Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was interviewed by WWE Magazine about his hit song Invincible being used as one of the theme songs of WrestleMania 28. Here’s what MGK said about John Cena embodying the song’s message:

“Like me, I consider John Cena to be an underdog; The Rock is like this flashy Hollywood guy. You can’t give him a song like “Invincible” because no one would believe it. John Cena is all about being loyal to the fans, and so am I. I just dig him as a person. I saw the video they made, and the whole thing was intense. I loved all of it.”

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