Jimmy Choo Lottie Clutch

When I normally think of Jimmy Choo handbags, I think of pieces that are sleek and simple. Sure… every once in awhile you will see some exotic prints. A little bit of snake here or a little bit of leopard there. But there are those rare occasions when a wild and crazy Jimmy Choo handbag makes its way on the scene. Well ladies, this is just such the occasion. Introducing the Jimmy Choo Lottie Patent Leather and Raffia Clutch!

This clutch is loud and a bit over-the-top! But you know what? I think I kind of like it! It is so quirky, but I mean that in the best possible way! I absolutely love the embellishments on the flap! Red and black embroidery is dotted with gun metal disc-like studs and patches of fuchsia snakeskin. The body of this clutch features a weave of cream raffia and black patent leather. Put it all together and you have a gorgeous piece with an undeniably ethnic feel to it. My favorite part about this clutch, however, is the cute multi-colored pom-poms dangling from the side! Keep your outfit simple while wearing this piece. I think it looks especially well paired with a simple red dress and black shoes, as seen here on the model.

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