Jim Brunzell Defends Hulk Hogan, Says WWE Is Entirety Over-Scripted

Former WWE Superstar “Jumping” Jim Brunzell recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast to discuss Hulk Hogan’s racism controversy and whether he thinks wrestling is too scripted.

Brunzell, who has known Hulk Hogan since the early 80’s, says that Hogan doesn’t have a racist bone in his body – but should have apologized a lot sooner for his controversial remarks.

“I’ve known Terry since 1982, and he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. I’m sure that it was said out of frustration over his daughter not complying to his wishes, and I believe that Vince McMahon took an opportunity to get rid of a guaranteed lifetime contract that he had with Hulk.

I wish Hulk would’ve right of the bat apologized right away. You know, last week he finally comes on and apologizes. That’s too long. You can’t wait [two or three] months. You gotta jump right on that and say, hey, I said something I shouldn’t have said, everybody screws up, and I apologize. But I’ve known him since 1982, 33 years, and he’s never said anything racist.”

Brunzell agued that WWE is entirely over-scripted and “total commercial product,” despite the fact that the wrestlers are very talented.

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