Jerry Lawler Speaks on TNA Contacting Him, His WWE Departure in 2001, more

Thanks to Glenn Moore for sending this in:

On the latest ‘Dinner With The King’ with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore, the duo go in-depth about King’s departure from the WWE in 2001.

The King debunks a few conspiracy theories about why they wanted The Kat, aka Stacy Carter, Jerry’s wife at the time, gone from the WWE.

As for other companies trying to lure Lawler from the WWE, it has happened. Lawler states that TNA’s Jeff Jarrett contacted him when the news broke about Lawler’s limited-use in the WWE.

“During that time, I did get a call from Jeff Jarrett just saying, ‘Hey, we [TNA] were just wondering if you re-signed with the WWE or not?’ It was one of those things that I got right back to him and said I did re-sign with them [WWE].

[On possibly bringing King and J.R. together in TNA] Without a doubt, I’m sure that’s what was in their minds and it was possibly in the mind of JR’s as well.”

Lawler also announces his next WWE appearance, which will be during the pre-show of Battleground and co-hosting Talking Smack with Renee Young following Battleground.

Other topics on this show include how Talking Smack is completely unscripted, being left off the commentary team of WWE2K18, and why TNA needs to get rid of their six-sided ring.

You can listen to the episode below:

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