Jericho Interview: Not Retired, Why He Left, TNA

Chris Jericho was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun newspaper last week and addressed the rumors about his return to the wrestling business.

When asked why he retired from wrestling, Jericho corrected the reporter immediately. “When I left, I never said I was retiring. I just said I needed a break and I said when the time was right and I could come back better than ever, I would.”. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family (he and his wife had twins last year) as well as focus on his music and acting careers.

Jericho explained that he has not yet made any official decisions about when he will return or for which company he will work for. He put over WWE, TNA and ROH – making it known that his future is not set in stone and we could realistically see him turn up anywhere.

What Jericho did confirm is that if he returns, it will be a a full-time thing and not a 3-month “cameo”. He said, “When I come back, it’s to come back and make a difference and to play the game. I don’t really think guys coming in for special appearances and leaving really helps. If you come in for one show every two or three months, it’s a good nostalgia thing, but you really can’t make any forward progress.”

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