Jericho Answers Fans' Questions, Announcers Switch Questioned, Striker On Raw

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There was a lot second-guessing going on behind the scenes regarding the announcers switch. Most everyone immediately second-guessed the moves, but also felt Jim Ross ensured things by what he wrote on his website.

— Matt Striker was moved to Raw because there is a lot more interview time on the brand compared to ECW and he’ll be much more useful there. He could be used as a manager for some guy in developmental that gets called up, or used like Santino Marella as a guy that gets a lot of interview time but whose main role is to put over the mid-level babyfaces of Raw.

SLAM! Wrestling has a feature on Chris Jericho answering questions from fans. It was conducted two weeks ago, hours before the draft. A fan asked Jericho if he turned heel due to Randy Orton’s sudden injury. Jericho said, “This turn was in place long before Orton got hurt, there was nothing quick about it. If you look back we started this in April, it has been two months. All these things were happening with or without Orton’s injury. Obviously it opens a huge hole with Randy being hurt, so in that case it is beneficial for me, but it wasn’t like anything was rushed, it was an unfortunate thing that happened and things went on business as usual for Jericho.” He’s also asked if the writers script his promos. Jericho said, “I always had creative freedom with my promos, so it has been the same all across the board. I have never been a guy who is given a piece of paper and told to read this. I have co-written all of my promos if not written them outright from when I first came in to the WWE to the promo I did last week.” He also answers questions on how the WWE locker room is now compared to his first run, his association with Lance Cade, if he’s ever going to bring his wild costumes back, the Iron Sheik (“It is a sad thing that guys from that generation spent spent spent and didn’t have anything left on the back end. Sheik has to make $500 here and there acting crazy to try and keep himself alive. I just think it is sad that people take advantage of the fact that he obviously has substance issues and they would rather exploit that than try to actually help the guy.”), why he left WWE in 2005, and more. {“Chris Jericho answers your questions” article}

— Jim Ross has posted a blog on the WWE Fan Nation site saying everything is good on SmackDown. He also talks about WWE producing new stars. Ross wrote: “Producing new stars and adding to the established stars fans normally see in PPV main events is an all important function as fans want to see “new”…new wrestlers and new matches. New is good even if new turns out to not be so great bouts, if you know what I mean. At least it is “new” and no one really knows what is going to click with today’s fans until it is tried.” {Jim Ross blog link}

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