Italian police arrest man after three-year-old Naples girl is shot in mafia-style hit

Italian police have arrested a man accused of shooting a three-year-old girl during a mafia-style hit in Naples a week ago.  The little girl, called Noemi, was inadvertently shot in the upper body when the gunman fired around six bullets at his intended victim, a man sitting at a bar in the southern port city, last Friday.

The victim, Salvatore Nurcaro, was wounded in the attack and remains in intensive care, while the little girl’s grandmother was also hit by a stray bullet.

After a week-long manhunt, police arrested the suspected gunman, named as Armando Del Re. 

He had fled to the area around Siena in Tuscany. His brother, Antonio Del Re, was also arrested on suspicion of having helped plan the hit.

The two brothers have links to a drug-trafficking gang in Naples, according to Giovanni Melillo, a prosecutor.

Police are still unsure as to the exact motive for the shooting. The brothers were identified thanks to footage from security cameras which recorded the attack.

Matteo Salvini, interior minister and deputy prime minister, congratulated the police for the arrests.

“There will be no let-up in the fight against the Camorra and other criminals. The State, and the people of Naples, will win this battle,” he said.

The mayor of Naples has blamed the TV series Gomorrah, based on the underworld of the Camorra mafia, for encouraging crimeCredit:
Beta Films

A week after the shooting, the child remains in hospital but is now breathing on her own, doctors said.

“We remain cautious about her condition but it is certainly a wonderful development,” said Massimino Cardone, one of the doctors caring for her.

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Earlier this week, the mayor of Naples blamed the gritty television series Gomorrah, which chronicles the dark world of the Camorra mafia, for a rise in violence on the streets.

Luigi de Magistris claimed that acts of violence spike every time an episode of the award-winning programme is broadcast on Italian television.

He accused the series of glamourising drugs, violence and guns, saying that it was seducing young people towards a life of crime.

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