Injury Scare At WWE Live Event This Past Weekend

WWE had an injury scare this past weekend during its live event loop, with one of the top WWE Superstars having a scary moment.

During Saturday’s Raw live event in Tupelo, MS, the dreaded ‘X’ signal was thrown up by the referee for Drew McIntyre, with the Scotsman hurting his knee during a match with Dean Ambrose.

McIntyre hit his Claymore Kick finishing move and appeared to injure his knee, providing WWE with a scare considering that McIntyre is one of the top heels on Raw right now.

Despite limping and being helped to the back, it appears he is fine as he wrestled again last night at the live event in Montgomery, Alabama, defeating Ambrose once again. This is a positive sign as the last thing WWE wants right now is any injuries to its roster on the Road to WrestleMania 35.


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