Indian Doctors Successfully Remove 762 Grams Tumour Developing Inside An Iraqi Kid

Hasan, a four year old boy from Iraq had a rare tumour inside his body that made him mature faster than normal. He looked older, mature and had facial hair that made him look older than others. He had a hoarse voice which shocked his parents.

While contemplating the reason behind his premature puberty, his parents discovered a lump on the right hand side of the stomach. Doctors in Iraq had found out that the tumor had displaced his kidney and liver.

The tumor rested on the adrenal gland which is responsible for producing steroid hormones. Due to this the child displayed early signs of growing up. Many arteries from surrounding organs like the liver, kidney and Aorta which is the body’s largest blood vessel were acting as feeding vessels for the tumor. Hence, removing it from the body became even more complicated.

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