Impact Hiring Audience Members, Snuka & Fuji Diagnosed with CTE

A bitter lawsuit involving numerous former WWE/WWF on air personalities all suing the company has been ongoing for a few years now. Attorney Konstantine Kyros has been leading cases for numerous ex-wrestlers, including Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Snuka, Demolition, and over 50 others, and each case claims that WWE purposefully withheld knowledge on the dangers of CTE and concussion-related issues during their time working in the promotion. There is currently no word on the current status of the legal battle, but a new report suggests that this lawsuit could continue for quite some time if it does turn out to be factual.
Jimmy Snuka’s estate recently claimed in a new filing that he was diagnosed with CTE after he had passed away earlier this year. Similarly, Mr. Fuji was also posthumously diagnosed with concussion issues recently. Mr. Fuji’s estate claims that he had been a “shell of his former self” before passing away last year, and he was battling dementia. Both issues with Fuji and Snuka were attributed to blows to the head they both took during their wrestling careers. Reporter Chris Harrington recently discovered that Paul Orndorff was diagnosed with dementia and depression, and Marty Jannetty experiences thirty-minue blackouts. A representative for WWE commented on the case by telling the Boston Globe the following: “[Kyros] has been repeatedly admonished by the court for presenting false and misleading information, and no medical report was included in this filing. We will review the medical reports when they are made available to us and respond appropriately via the judicial system.”
In other news, Impact Wrestling is continuing their tapings in Canada this week. The Smyth Casting agency recently revealed that they are looking to hire “PAID background actors” for the shows. If chosen, actors will be paid $12.50 per hour during four hours per taping. This would seem to indicate that Impact will be hiring actors to portray members of the audience during the shows. The job listing states, “You are encouraged to look at wrestlers on the website ( and make your own signs, that would be very helpful – and you will get more face time on TV!!” You can check out the job listing down below.

We are currently hiring PAID background actors for the following:
— smythcasting (@smythcasting) November 6, 2017

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