How To Enter The Cewshcast Lottery

In one hour we’ll begin recording this week’s Cewshcast, and that means it’s time for you guys to give us some questions. Lots of you guys loved the Mailbag feature and have been hungering for a replacement ever since, and each week on Cewshcast we answer 5 write in questions from listeners just like you. Wrestlemania questions, Lucha Libre questions, questions about which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle was our favorite, (Donatello.) Whatever you’ve got, we want. And this week there’s an extra incentive, because everyone who submits a question will have their name entered into a drawing for a top secret starring role in an upcoming Cewsh Review. And yes, that means that ANY of you may have the opportunity to hijack Cewsh Reviews for a week, which is a terrifying thought.

So submit your questions via Twitter, Facebook (links below) or via email to and good luck! The drawing will take place live on Twitter and the Rajah forums tomorrow night at 8 PM EST, and then the secret will be revealed.