Goldust Speaks on Cody & AEW, Advice From Vince, NXT, more

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Kyle Stevens of conducted an interview with Goldust on Monday, January 14 where the former Intercontinental Champion shared his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling, wanting a WrestleMania match with Cody, and which NXT star fans should keep an eye on.

Giving advice to up and coming wrestlers:
“I try to tell all the young kids this, ‘Man, you have to make it your own.’ You cannot read [the script] just word for word because it’s going to come off as not your true self. A lot of the kids today won’t do that. They will read it word for word and it doesn’t resonate with the crowd because it’s just going through the motions. It’s not the character. You have to put in your own work. You have to put out certain facial expressions and mannerisms. You have to find your character. You have to find yourself.”
Advice he got from Vince McMahon:
“Vince taught me this, years and years ago. He said, ‘Okay you’re going to have two minutes to talk. Two minutes is a long time to keep the fans interested. So you better be damn good at what you’re doing in two minutes to keep the audience tuned in. I’m not one of those guys who [the fans] are going to turn the channel on. They want to see what I have to say, in the way that I say it. If kids could learn to do that–man, that’s the hard thing. That’s 90 percent of our business right there: learning how to talk.”
Which NXT star he thinks fans should keep an eye on:
“Number one would be the Velveteen Dream. I think he’s got the whole package. He’s grown into his own. As long as they let him do his character, and he continues to grow that character, he’s going to shine.”
Thoughts on Cody’s role with AEW:
“I can’t wait to see what he does with it. I’m very proud. I know dad right now is just grinning ear-to-ear and is very proud of Cody. Cody has a lot of my dad in him in the sense of business. He’s got just about the whole package. Let’s just put it like that. Cody has everything that dad has. He just has to grow a little more, and learn just a little bit more as far as the business is concerned”
Tips for Cody in AEW:
“[Cody is] going to come across some issues with things like booking; a lot like dad did. Not everyone is going to like him because he’s the booker. If he can learn from dad’s mistakes, and what dad did, I think he’s going to be fine. The landscape of the pro wrestling industry has changed a lot. Let’s all make some money, let’s grow something and watch something take off. I think it will. You got some big people behind it. Tony Khan is a big dog.”
Wanting a WrestleMania match with Cody:
“I believe that would have been great business. I don’t know if the storyline is right, but I would love to do that. He’s not there. I’m still there, but I’m at the tail end of my career where I want to do other things, like acting. My time is over. It’s time for me to pass it on to the young ones. Yes, I can still go out there from time to time as an attraction, and hang with the best of them. What do I want to do, man? I’ve done everything that there is to do in this business. “I’ve had a WrestleMania moment. [Roddy] Piper is in the top three moments of my career. Another one was me and Cody vs. The Shield. Cody and I had a match at Fastlane which didn’t do it justice. We should have had a WrestleMania deal.”
Clicking with Cody during matches at WWE live events:
“The matches that we had were some of the best matches that I’ve ever been involved with in my life. The crowd was loud and crazy. Everything flowed. We could go out there, and have fun. That’s what I love the most: the live event feel. Pay per views and television are so fast paced. It’s very hectic. It doesn’t do it justice in a storyline situation.”
Upcoming appearance at Astronomicon:
“This is a chance for me to meet my fans one-on-one, instead of an arena setting–where I’m just walking to the ring, high-fiving kids, and hugging babies. I can actually sit down and talk with them, and share stories. They can bring up stuff that I just don’t freakin’ remember. I love meeting the fans at this stage in my career.”

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