Fossil Key-Per Clutch

People may be puzzled as to why I decided to write about Fossil, but I felt the company deserved the praise. No, they might not be considered one of our designer brands but every now and then they have a really cute bag like the “Key-Per” Frame Clutch.

I fell in love with the “Key-Per” Frame Clutch because it reminded me of something you would find in a vintage store. It’s definitely not your modern looking bag and has a little bit of a 70′s touch to it.

This is actually a clutch I would wear anytime of the day especially if I was wearing something colorful. I love how so many colors are incorporated into it. I always believe that an accessory is worth the purchase if you are able to use it quite a few times. With some many colors being featured on this clutch, you have the ability to wear it with so many different outfits. With Spring right around the corner, our most colorful season of all, you already know this clutch would be used over 10 times!

I personally think, a pair of black skinny jeans and a color top that goes with one of the colors on the clutch would look amazing with it. You don’t want your outfit to be too crazy so that the clutch has the chance to stick out a little.

You can purchase the Fossil “Key-Per” Frame Clutch at Nordstrom for $40.