Finn Balor On Doing Everything He Can To Ensure He's Back For WrestleMania 33

Finn Balor, who is still recovering and preparing for his WWE main roster return, was recently interviewed by The Sun out of the U.K.

Regarding his relationship with Neville, WWE’s first-ever Universal Champion spoke about how the two have had similar journies in the pro wrestling business.

“Myself and Neville have been friends since 2002 and had similar journeys so it has not just been injuries that have encouraged us to lean on each other. It’s been the adjusting to dojos in Japan or upping sticks and moving to America, the adjustment of working for WWE. So me and Neville have leaned on each other for everything over the last couple of years.

“It was unfortunate what happened to both of us but I try to look at the positive situations from everything and for me timing was bad but I have the chance to step back and assess where I am and maybe come back a little bit rejuvenated.”

Balor also spoke about his lengthy absence from the ring, noting that it’s the first time in ten years he has been out of action for this length of time.

Even still, “The Demon” is trying his best to find the positives in the situation.

“This is the first bit of time off I have had in about 10 years so to have this unfortunate break – which I wish didn’t happen – you have to make a positive out of a negative and I have learnt a lot of the last couple of months. I think being able to not worry about everything around me has helped. If I cannot affect a situation I take myself out of it.

“I don’t pay much attention to the news or what’s happening in politics and I applied that to wrestling because it is not important to me right now. What is important to me is getting my shoulder 100 percent right. So I took myself out of the WWE Performance Center and took myself down to Birmingham, Alabama where they are one of the leading specialists in shoulder rehabilitation and working seven hours a day down there to try to make it back for WrestleMania.”

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