Eli Drake Talks About His Impact Wrestling Contract Expiring Next Month

Eli Drake recently took part in a media conference call to promote some Impact Wrestling related initiatives. During the call, the former Impact Wrestling World Champion spoke about his contract status with the company.

Drake was asked during the call if there have been any negotiations, as his current contract with Impact Wrestling is scheduled to expire in May. In putting his own twist on Sting’s “the only thing’s for sure is nothing’s for sure” line from the WWE Hall Of Fame, Drake claimed that “the only news is that there is no news” when it comes to his contract negotiations with the promotion.

“The only news is that there is no news,” Drake said. “There’s no ink to any paper at this moment.”

Also during the call, Drake spoke about the abrupt departure of his former on-air buddy Chris Adonis. As Drake explained, the news back in January came as a surprise to him, although he understands where Adonis was coming from with his decision.

“I wasn’t too happy about it,” said Drake. “Everybody’s got their reasons for whatever they’re doing. It kind of hit me as a shock, as a surprise. I’ve only spoken to him here and there, honestly, since then, but for the most part, I wish he would’ve stayed, I think we had something good. At the same time, I can kind of get where he was coming from.”

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(H/T to WrestlingInc.com for transcribing the above Eli Drake quotes.)