ECW On Sci-Fi Results For Tonight *Spoilers*

WWE taped tonight’s edition of ECW on Sci-Fi from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Special to WNW readers Eric Leib, Seth Wittkowske, Garrett Raith, and Brock Burkholder for text-messaging the following results. If you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in sending text-message updates email your name, mobile number, and show date to wnwryan [at]

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tonight)
* Todd Grisham and Matt Striker come to ringside to commentate.

* Teddy Long is in the ring with Tiffany. They call out Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, and Tony Atlas to talk about No Mercy. The Miz & John Morrison come out and interrupt.

Long announces Mark Henry, The Miz, & John Morrison vs. Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, & Ricky Ortiz for tonight’s main event.

* Jack Swagger b. Lenny Lane
– Swagger gets the win via pinfall after hitting a power bomb.

* Mike Knox b. Tommy Dreamer
– Knox got the win via pinfall. After the match Jack Swagger comes out and power bombs Dreamer.

* Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, & Ricky Ortiz b. Mark Henry, The Miz, & John Morrison in the main event to take ECW off the air.

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