Detailed Backstage Update On WWE Calling Up NXT Divas To Main Roster

According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE went back-and-forth in recent weeks over how to bring the group of NXT Divas to the main roster, as well as which Divas to use, so much so that arguments broke out between various members of the creative team.

Originally, there was an idea to bring the NXT Divas to the main roster and have them replace the current WWE Divas division, outside of a couple of Divas that could keep up, as well as those needed because of Total Divas.

Stephanie McMahon was always scheduled to be involved and that fact was never debated, however there was some discussion as to whether or not she should take credit for bringing the Divas in on television, as it is seen as a babyface move.

Initrially, there was discussions about calling up four NXT Divas — Sasha Banks, Charlotte Becky Lynch and Bayley, and at times, they were thinking about bringing only two NXT Divas to the main roster — either Charlotte and Banks or Charlotte and Lynch.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are invested in this angle and are fully in support of it, so the belief is this won’t be one of those WWE angles that is quickly forgotten about.