Daniel Bryan Comments on His WWE Contract Expiring, Talks All In

With Daniel Bryan’s current WWE contract being set to expire in just under three months on September 1st and the highly-anticipated “All In” event taking place on the same date, things are starting to get interesting. Also, according to Dave Meltzer in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bryan has not yet signed a new contract with the WWE.
Not only has CM Punk’s name been floating around internet circles during the build-up to the show, but current WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s name has been coming up as of late as well, due to the aforementioned coincidental timing of the expiration of his current WWE contract.
During a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho Podcast, the former SmackDown Live General Manager spoke about the coincidence and whether or not he can even legally appear at the show if he wanted to.

“The day of the show is the day my contract expires,” Bryan told Jericho during his appearance on the show. When Jericho followed up and asked whether or not that meant he could appear at the event from a contractual / legal standpoint, Bryan replied, “I don’t know!”
Bryan went on to elaborate by explaining that he wasn’t sure from a legal standpoint whether his contract expires on August 31st at midnight or September 1st at midnight. If it were the latter, he obviously wouldn’t legally be allowed to appear at the show. Bryan went on to joke about possibly appearing at the show in a body suit and mask and unmasking himself at midnight on-the-dot.
Bryan also said on the podcast that before he was cleared by WWE, he was not watching a lot of independent wrestling, but he was interested. He also talked about the Bullet Club being hot, but noted that they need a good adversary and felt a feud with the group would draw money “and bring independent wrestling to another level.”
You can check out Daniel Bryan’s complete appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho Podcast at Player.fm.

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