Dana White Turns Down McGregor’s Request To Own Piece Of UFC

When Former UFC Champion Conor McGregor announced that he was retiring from MMA, many fans all around the world were surprised at the blockbuster news except for one person, that being PFC president Dana White.
In an interview Dana White had with TMZ Sports, he explained that “The Notorious One” recently messaged him about his desire on being “the boss” in The UFC by staking a claim to a piece of ownership.
“He went back and said I feel like I should own a piece of the company,” White said. “I said, ‘Conor, you know that’s never going to happen.’ That was a couple weeks ago.”
White then told McGregor that if he wants to own a piece of the company he would have to put up his own money.
“If you want to own a piece of the company, you’d have to put up the money to buy a piece,” White said. “That’s how it works. These are all parts of negotiation. If you wanted to buy into the UFC right now, the valuation is pretty high.”
McGregor is currently under investigation in his native home of Ireland for sexual assault charges.
You can check out Dana White’s comments in the video below: