Cody Rhodes Claims WWE Isn’t Trying To Destroy The UK Indy Scene, Gives An Update On His Future, More

The “American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes recently spoke with The Mirror during his UK tour where he discussed the new NXT UK contracts and much more.

On WWE’s New NXT UK Contracts:

“Well, I think it just means more opportunity. There is obviously a deep roster of talent and maybe some talent we’re not seeing because we’re seeing so many NXT UK guys, that we all know are wonderful.

“I saw a tweet that Pete Dunne put out that I really liked too though. There is such a tendency to jump on WWE and talk bad about them in terms of these contracts and what they are doing. But with the people they have in place, Johnny Saint, William Regal and Triple H, and how he is, there is no secret plan to destroy the indy scene in the UK. They just see a wonderful product and they want to protect their guys.

“It was a bit of a Wild West situation, where somebody like me from Ring of Honor and New Japan could go over to the UK and mix it up with somebody who was one of the NXT UK talents. It was a little Wild West for a bit and it was really cool to see that. But I think also you’ve got so many heads involved and so many egos, this might be good.”

Which UK Talent He Thinks Has Star Power:

“I think Jimmy Havoc… I don’t know sometimes I think I’ve got less of a wrestler brain and more of a promoter brain. When I look at Jimmy Havoc, he is a million bucks in terms of that presentation and that X factor, that ‘it’ thing, but also in the ring, he can really go. Jimmy Havoc is wonderful. Also to see Joe Hendry, Ligero, some of those guys I got to mix it up with at What Culture Pro Wrestling over a year ago, just some studs.”

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On His Future:

“Yeah I know and it’s one of those things where it’s nice to let it play out. Any time fans ask me what do you guys think is next, what’s the plan, I typically tell them to watch Being The Elite. I know Being The Elite has so much comedy in it and there’s many goofy elements, but it also has… the thread is in there of where we’ll be going and what we’ll be doing.

“But the truth really is, these two months December and January, are really a minefield of just political and difficult decisions for everybody. You know, obviously, we would love to stick together, we have this chemistry amongst each other, this friendship and a competitive nature amongst each other, we would love to stay together, but who knows? There is a world where that may not happen. But the best thing I can tell you is stay tuned and hang in there with us, because believe me, we don’t have all the answers yet either.”

Source :

The Mirror