CM Punk drops Daniel Bryan hint during AEW Dynamite promo

During his promo on AEW Dynamite Wednesday, CM Punk dropped a hint that Daniel Bryan might indeed be on his way to join him in his new home.

As Punk was talking about his All Out match with Darby Allin and saying he has to personally answer the questions of whether he can still be the best in the world, the Milwaukee fans started chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” like Bryan’s famous catchphrase.

“That’s somebody else’s schtick and you might have to be a little more patient, ok?,” he said, making a face before returning back to his promo.

During Dynamite, Punk also shared an image on his Instagram stories of him shaking Bryan’s hand from a 2004 Ring of Honor match.

The same week Punk was rumored as coming to AEW, rumors also emerged that Bryan, also a free agent, could be joining him at some point. Like with the Punk rumors that turned out to be accurate, there has been no acknowledgment or denial of his signing or impending signing.

Bryan’s contract expired after his April 30th loss to Universal Champion Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown where the stipulation was that if he lost, he would be banished from the brand.

Bryan has said in past interviews that he wants to wrestle for New Japan and CMLL in the future which an AEW deal would likely allow him to do. WWE reportedly tried to do their own deal with New Japan in part to make something happen, but were unable to come to terms.

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