• Talk Soup

    Well, Cinco de County Mayo is over for another year. If only Patrick had kept the snakes and driven out the Irish. Stop me if I've told you that one. […]

  • Is Guardado the Odd Man Out?

    Andres Guardado has been noticeably absent in some key friendlies​ When Mexico finally was able to field its complete team at Wembley, there was one notable absence in the starting […]

  • My Most Memorable Moments of the Galaxy-New York Rivalry

    We've had a lot of time this week to think back on the history between the Galaxy and the Red Bulls/Metrostars. What are some of my favorite rivalry moments? Let's […]

  • US shouldn't bust with '22

    So was the US World Cup 2018 bid a huge waste of time? Only if you believe there wasn't some sort of deal made between the FA and the USSF, […]

  • Memo Ochoa Gets a Lifeline

    When he is at his best, Guillermo Ochoa is unquestionably the best goal keeper in Mexican futbol. It has been a while, though, since we have seen Memo in top […]

  • Has the Hex been axed?

    It is a qualifying week in Europe and Africa and a FIFA week for the rest of the world. Far be it from FMF to miss an opportunity to parade […]

  • Seven Up, and Out

    Mad that we lost? Hell no! I wish we had lost by more, so I could have more to write about. I don't want to make tough choices, I want […]

  • Marrufos' Shirt Collection Getting Bigger?

    No MLS season would be complete without a souvenir clip showing dozens of players screaming at former MLS "Referee of the Year" Jair Marrufo. The best part of course is […]

  • Pohnpei Win! Pohnpei Win!

    I meant to write this last week but as a Liverpool fan, the whole Liverpool takeover saga was uppermost in my mind, so I pretty much forgot about this story. […]

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