Candice Hoping To Earn Respect, How "Brie Bella" Hides Under The Ring, CM Punk

— Candice Michelle has posted a blog on the WWE Fan Nation site talking about her return to the ring. As you would imagine, she’s very excited to return to the ring. She wrote, “After being out of action for 10 months, the feeling of being back is tremendous! Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I am excited to start this new chapter of my career! I have been envisioning coming back for some time now, so for it to be reality is still setting in! It was an amazing challenge to face so many of my fears getting back into the ring! There is nothing like facing your fears head on to make your dreams come true!” She talks about getting back into wrestling shape in preparation for her return and personally thanks Billy Kidman. “I have never been a patient person; patience is a virtue, I am learning! The day that the doctor released me to train, I let WWE know … and that day, not the next week or month, I had travel in place to train at FCW! I had the privilege of training at Steve Keirn’s school with amazing agents and talent! I owe a huge thanks to Billy Kidman, who came early for me, stayed late, and even came in on his day off because I wanted to get as much training in as I could!” Apparently, Candice is aware of the critiques on her from wrestling fans. “Now that I am back, I don’t expect things to get any easier! I see the WWE Universe and WWE have high expectations of me and I love it! The critiques keep me on my toes and make me fight harder! Beth Phoenix has set standards high for me as well as the other competitive Divas! She has something that once was mine, and I will do whatever it takes to earn it back! I have been knocked down several times and even taken out a few times, but each time I come back better and stronger than before! I have been gone for a long time and can’t prove myself overnight, but whether you love me or hate me, I will work to earn your respect!” {Defining Beauty (Sept. 8)}

— In case you don’t know, new SmackDown Diva Brie Bella is doing a gimmick in which she switches places with her twin sister hiding underneath the ring. For the past two weeks on SmackDown, the refreshed sister posing as Brie has easily defeated Victoria. Her sister’s real name is Nicole and they are known as The Bella Twins in WWE’s developmental league Florida Championship Wrestling. The now 24-year-old sisters tried out for the Diva Search in 2006, but were unable to make the cut. The duo were signed to WWE developmental contracts in the summer of 2007 and assigned to FCW. The two have been wrestling for roughly a year. On last week’s show at least, they turned off the lights while a Tribute to the Troops promotional video aired so that Nicole could come down ringside to hide underneath the ring. A dozen ring crew members marched down the entrance with Nicole in the middle.

— There is an article on asking if CM Punk’s Pepsi tattoo is a form of product placement. You can read the article at this link. Punk had the tattoo before entering WWE and it’s airbrushed off all company marketing material.

Click here to see video of Candice Michelle’s botchfest on Raw!