Bully Ray Speaks On Dream Match With CM Punk, TNA vs. WWE, More

The following are highlights from a recent interview with TNA star Bully Ray:

On having old school respect for the wrestling business: “€œI am the last of a dying breed. €œthe last of the old-school pro wrestlers. I have the old-school respect for the industry. I think old school in and out of the ring. A lot of these guys coming out of wrestling school today, they ask when they’€™re going to be on TV. Nobody wants to pay their dues any more. ‘€˜Pay your dues,’€™ there’€™s three words every young wrestler should have emblazoned in their forehead. Pay your dues, get out on the road, go live in your car, go eat bologna and cheese sandwiches, go struggle and make no money. When you finally get some success, you’€™ll appreciate it a whole lot more.”

On why he’s stayed in TNA: “The reason I stayed in TNA is because, right now, it’€™s the best business decision for me. It’€™s a good fit for me. I always make my decisions based on business. At the end of the day, this is the wrestling business. I also like the younger guys that are here in TNA, and I’€™d like to help some of those guys move forward with their futures.”

On TNA vs. WWE: “€œWhy would you want to watch TNA over a John Cena-Randy Orton match?. €œI’€™m really not sure. I find John Cena’€™s matches very entertaining, and I find Randy Orton’€™s matches very entertaining. I also know, if you watch Bobby Roode and AJ Styles, or Samoa Joe and Austin Aries, you’€™re going to be even more entertained by watching those guys.”

On his dream match: “Bully Ray vs. CM Punk would be the match. €œPaul Heyman has told me directly that me and Punk standing across from one another with a microphone in our hands would be deadly. Given the opportunity to have absolutely no restrictions on what we’€™d say and to just go at it, you’€™d be looking at the two guys who can spit venom better than anybody else out there in the industry. And I know we could back it up in the ring.”

Check out the complete interview online at WEEI.com.

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