Bully Ray On Why Dolph Ziggler Is Not Able to Rise Above the Mid-Card in WWE

As seen on WWE TV, Dolph Ziggler vacated the United States Title after winning the Championship at the WWE Clash of Champions PPV earlier this month.

While Ziggler’s vacating of the title was done for story line purposes, Ziggler did recently appear on Edge and Christian’s podcast and spoke very candidly about not being happy with his current position in WWE.

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On a recent edition of Busted Open Satellite Radio, co-host Bully Ray speculated that Dolph Ziggler is not moving beyond the mid-card in WWE because he is not being allowed to get over. Ray had the following to say on the subject:

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“Back in the day, you know what you could do? You could get over. And Dolph gets over every frickin’ night. Pound for pound he can probably have more better matches than just about anybody else [in WWE]. Back in the day if you got over you got pushed. Now, it doesn’t matter what you do. If [WWE doesn’t] have a plan for you, [they’re] just gonna keep you in the spot that [they]need you for.”

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