Breaking News: Multi-Times Champion Returning to WWE Finally Revealed

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

We reported earlier that The Wrestling Observer Newsletter had noted a big name of WWE’s past – a multi-champion superstar was set to return with the company.

The January 14 edition of the Newsletter confirms that former multi-time WWE Champion Paul Wight – The Big Show – has either signed with the company or has agreed to a deal, and will be starting full-time very soon.

Big Show is down to 440 lbs after leaving pro wrestling to rest, and pursue a possible career in boxing, which obviously included boxing training that got him in quite a good shape. Dave Meltzer also mentions in the Observer that a part of his boxing deal was that Hulk Hogan was to be his “front man” acting like a manager in wrestling for him by doing promos and appearances. This was also the main reason many boxing promoters were actually interested in Big Show and paying him so much money to learn the sport. These plans, however, fell apart at some point, and Show realized that at his age, boxing might not be the right direction to go anyway. There have also been no recent updates or even talks of Hogan doing his own wrestling tour – a very discussed topic of the past. Hence with nothing on the horizon, Big Show is back with WWE. — The Latest News in Pro Wrestling!