Benjamin & Ziggler Return on Smackdown, Enzo Amore Joins 205 Live

It is official at last! Former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin is finally back in WWE. During a backstage segment on this past Tuesday’s Smackdown show, General Manager Daniel Bryan met with Chad Gable. Bryan revealed that when he traded Gable’s partner Jason Jordan over to Raw a few weeks ago, Kurt Angle recommended that he bring in his former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin to the blue brand. Bryan welcomed Benjamin to Smackdown and introduced him to Gable. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are now going to be working together as a team going forward, and they are scheduled to have their first match together as a team on next week’s episode of Smackdown.
After weeks of inactivity on the roster, allegedly due to a lack of ideas for his character at the time, Dolph Ziggler made his return to Smackdown recently. Ziggler was interviewed backstage when he revealed that he has discovered the key that will finally make him a true superstar on the Smackdown roster. He did not specify what exactly this was, but he instead decided to save that announcement for next week’s Smackdown show. Prior to this, Ziggler had not been seen on Smackdown ever since losing the Independence Day Battle Royal on July 4th of this year, wherein he was also the first person to be eliminated from the match.
Finally, it seems that another long-rumored idea has come to fruition: Enzo Amore is now part of the cruiserweight division. On the recent 205 Live show, Neville managed to retain his Cruiserweight Championship over Akira Tozawa. He began to cut a promo before Amore interrupted him and declared that 205 Live was “the realest show in the room.” It’s been reported that Enzo Amore has backstage heat with nearly everyone in recent weeks, and some have doubted his future in WWE. Plenty of fans, along with stars such as Corey Graves and Chris Jericho, have been suggesting that Amore join the division in order to keep his job.

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