Batista Wants Retirement Match Against Triple H At WrestleMania

Part-time WWE Superstar Batista is currently doing the media rounds to promote his new movie Guardians of The Galaxy. During an interview with, he spoke about his in-ring career winding down and said that he wants to have a retirement match against Triple H at WrestleMania.

“I kind of have my wish list of guys that I would like to work with, because I realise my career is not going to be that long if I do go back just because physically… realistically, I’m 45 years old now, how much longer can I continue…?

“It’s not ‘will I go back?’, it’s ‘when will I go back?’. Hopefully it won’t be far too long.”

“Triple H right now is the guy I really want to work with. I want to go back and that’s hopefully that’ll be my retirement program.”

“Yeah, I’ll have my WrestleMania retirement match with Triple H.”

Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn confirmed Twitter that a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is currently in the works and is tentatively scheduled for a 2017 release. Batista will reprise his role as Drax The Destroyer.

Here’s footage of Batista on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting Guardians of the Galaxy:

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