Alexander Wang Retractable Survival Key Clutch

Cute key chains and bag charms were super hot a few years ago. I thought the trend had sort of gotten lost in the shuffle of things recently, but my fellow TBFers informed me that key chains and bag charms are still a thing. After all, Fendi has been going bonkers with their little furry monsters. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored my Coach bag charms. But my enthusiasm seemed to fade after awhile. Probably because I was seeing fewer and fewer floating around. Then I saw the Alexander Wang Retractable Survival Key Clutch and though perhaps I have been looking at this the wrong way.

This pouch style clutch is pretty simple, something I have come to expect from Alexander Wang lately. Have you seen all of the new, structured styles? Well anyway, this clutch may be simple, but it also has a very unique feature. If you look at the back (pictured), you will see an odd looking doodad. It is actually a retractable key ring. So now here is a question for you… would you carry this clutch with the key ring facing out? If you happen to have a set of pretty keys, they could actually serve as decoration. Am I crazy for thinking this? Oh well, at the very least, you would always know where your keys are. Although I don’t know how helpful the retractable feature is. It seems more like a novelty to me.

Retails for $350 over on ShopBop