WWE Superstars results: Neville's hopeful road to the cruiserweight division continues

The Big Takeaway: Neville makes it two weeks in a row on Superstars in non-cruiserweight action, while Bob Backlund and Darren Young made for entertaining fun in the opener.


Darren Young (w/ Bob Backlund) beat Jinder Mahal (4:43)

Some early mat wrestling by Young is brushed off by Mahal who just goes for strikes and shoulder barges. A swinging neckbreaker by Young cuts him off as he proceeds to chop and punch Mahal in the head on the top rope. Mahal ducks underneath and Young falls off, Mahal takes advantage with knee drops and strikes.

Mahal keeps up his dominance with a running forearm to the corner and then puts on a rear chin lock that Young sells as if it’s putting him to sleep. As Young gets to his feet, Mahal just throws him back down to some strong jeers from the crowd. He goes back to the chin lock.

Young finally gets the heat with a pair of suplexes and a back body drop on to the apron. He gets a two count from the cover and goes to Backlund for some advice; he calls for the cross face chicken wing, so Young obeys but Mahal escapes. Instead, Young uses his old finish, the Gut Check, for the win.

Neville beat Curtis Axel (7:31)

Axel comes out off the bell and attacks Neville with headlock takedowns. Axel shows off and poses to the crowd as Neville looks angered. Axel keeps up the pressure with wristlocks, but Neville is able to flip out of the way and shows off his superior athleticism.

After an exchange of chop blocks, Neville gets some offence with a flying forearm and a drop kick, followed by a kip up into a tope. Neville threatens the Red Arrow early, but Axel has it scouted and boots him off the top rope to the outside. We got to a break.

Axel is still in control as we return. After wearing Neville down with a chin lock, he dropkicks him and stomps him down, even smacking the back of his head. Neville heats up with a series of kicks only to be clotheslined out of his boots and smashed to the mat with a rare facebuster from Axel.

Axel runs into a super kick and a enzugiri and Neville immediately pounces with the Red Arrow. The crowd senses it coming as soon as he lays out Axel and the excitement is tangible; as he covers him, they count along and pop when the bell is rung.

Neville is a superhero and this company doesn’t seem to know it.