WWE SmackDown Results (7/9): Who Knocked On Black’s Door?, Nakamura Takes On Balor, More!

July 9th, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are shown some footage from earlier on this evening with Dolph Ziggler being interviewed as he arrives in the parking lot and calls Kevin Owens a worthless tub of excuses and continues to rant about him until KO pulls in behind him and interrupts the interview by loudly beeping his horn.

It doesn’t take long for the two men to end up brawling with several WWE Superstars being needed to pull them apart until security and Shane McMahon arrive. Shane then tells Kevin Owens to leave the arena and cancels the planned main event between them.

As we return to live broadcasting, Shane says that things like that can’t happen in the back, he says Kevin Owens instigated which is why he was sent home and Ziggler wasn’t.


Out of nowhere, Kevin Owens then appears and says he has tried to be a good company guy for too long. He says a while ago he heard the McMahon family say they will give the fans what they want, but instead all that has happened is Shane has been given more time, and he says he knows nobody wanted that.

Shane then appears and tells WWE to cut his microphone off, but KO grabs another one and says he isn’t done and tells him that whenever he calls himself the best in the world it makes him sick and says it makes everyone think that Shane can kiss their ass.

Shane cuts off another microphone and KO gets on the commentary microphone and continues his rant, saying he is taking time from people like Apollo Crews, Liv Morgan and Buddy Murphy. However, Shane then sends security after him and KO darts out of the arena.


Both men start out locking up but Shinsuke Nakamura quickly shows his aggressive side with several sharp elbows to the neck of Finn Balor. Nakamura continues to keep up the domination with several knees to the chest, but Balor manages to reverse the momentum, taking Nakamura to the mat and stomping on his chest.

The Intercontinental Champion looks for a Slingblade but Nakamura reverses it and throws him into the turnbuckle, following it up with a big kick to the head. He then goes for the Kinshasha but Balor reverses with a Slingblade and looks for the Coup De Grace, but this time it is Shinsuke who stops the finisher from happening.

Nakamura takes Finn to the ring apron and then dives from the second rope, catching him with a knee to the face which he follows up by launching Balor into the ring post several times in a row. Nakamura then levels Balor with a huge Kinshasa on the outside however he manages to just beat the 10 count.

All that does is frustrate Nakamura though who takes Balor back outside as he throws Finn around into the steps, but once again Balor beats the count. However, this time as he enters the ring Shinsuke hits another Kinshasa and picks up a victory over the champion.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

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