December 30th, 2019


We kick start the show with Kevin Owens who claims we are kicking the new year off early with some fireworks, courtesy of himself. KO says Seth and the AOP have been running wild for weeks now, and he has gotten the hell beaten out of him, but he is going to keep calling them out and he will eventually take one of them out with him.

Owens says he has an issue when their actions affect people he respects. KO says there are few people he respects more than Rey Mysterio, and their actions last week made him feel sick. Owens believes that those actions are why Mysterio lost the United States Title against Andrade.

But before KO can continue, Rollins and AOP make their way out. Seth says this isn’t something he has chosen, it’s something that has been forced upon him as this position is his sacrifice. Rollins claims he is sacrificing himself for the good of everyone else, to be a leader.

Rollins claims if Owens resists, then he knows what will happen, but KO doesn’t seem bothered as he immediately takes the fight to the tag team. Of course, the numbers game takes over, until…SAMOA JOE!

.@SamoaJoe is here on #RAW! @WWERollins feels the COQUINA CLUTCH! pic.twitter.com/7gZ1xfsWYW

— WWE (@WWE) December 31, 2019

Samoa Joe immediately takes out the AOP and charges towards Seth Rollins, taking the fight to him, locking in the Coquina Clutch, until AOP return from behind to take him out. However, Kevin Owens returns, this time with a chair, but once again the numbers advantage is too much.

Tons of WWE security then hit the ring to try and split them all, however, the babyfaces burst through and continue the brawl until they are broken up once again. AOP and Rollins end up on the outside with security, but Owens wriggles free again and hits a cannonball from the top rope, continuing the brawl on the outside!


After the commercial, Kayla Braxton asks Samoa Joe why he would get involved. He says he didn’t have a choice, as Seth Rollins chose for him to be involved, and Rollins made a choice to never be safe again. Kevin then says he has never met anybody as bad as Joe, and he is glad Joe is by his side.

The security then appears to escort them out, with Joe warning them that if any of them touch him, they won’t feel their fingers anymore.


Both men start the match trying to get an early advantage, with Buddy Murphy sending Aleister Black to the outside. But instead of diving out he mimics the Black sit down as Black tries to get back into the ring. Black then sends Murphy to the outside and he does exactly the same to Buddy.

Black manages to connect with one of his major kicks, to the face of Murphy, but he follows it up with several body shots until Aleister regains control. Taking Murphy down to the mat, Black immediately follows it with a dropkick to the face.

Buddy tries to get to the top rope to gain some advantage, but Black hits an unbelievable kick to the face of Murphy, rocking him completely on the top rope. Buddy then looks for a sunset flip, but Black blocks it so Murphy tries to pull down his head for the superkick, but Black reverses that.

However, Murphy doesn’t give up as he yanks away Aleister’s legs as he goes headfirst into the electronic ring post, falling to the outside. The two men then brawl on the ring apron as Black hits a huge kick, pushing Murphy into the ring post as Black follows it with a moonsault to the outside.

Aaaaaaand just like THIS…

Advantage: @WWEAleister. #RAW pic.twitter.com/p4cAKZX1U7

— WWE (@WWE) December 31, 2019

Back in the ring, Black continues his attack with several strikes and knees to dominate, eventually hitting a springboard moonsault which gets a two count. Murphy manages to kick Black out of the ring, but with an injured knee he struggles to get to the outside as Black catches him with another thunderous kick.

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The former NXT Champion then scales the top rope, but misses his stomp, allowing Murphy to plant him into the turnbuckles. Buddy then tries to use the ropes to help him steal a victory, but the official catches him. Murphy then once again sends Aleister to the outside and this time he flies over the top rope, catching a glancing blow on his way.

The former Cruiserweight Champion then hits Black with a double knee strike from the top rope, but Black is able to kick out. Murphy once again goes to the top rope, but Black tries to hit a suplex, only for Murphy to counter, launching him face-first as he then rolls through to hit a powerbomb.

Murphy then hooks the foot around Black’s neck, mocking him, but Black responds and takes him down, and the two men then begin hitting a flurry of strikes each, with Murphy winning out with a huge running knee. Buddy then tries to hit his finisher, but Black reverses with a brainbuster and this time, Murphy is kicking out, as the two men gain a standing ovation.

Black then misses with Fade To Black, and Murphy then goes for his finish but misses. Buddy reverses again with a roll up but Aleister kicks out and then hits Fade To Black. However, for good measure, Black hits a second to ensure the job is done.

Winner: Aleister Black

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