WWE NXT Results (10/24): Who Attacked Aleister Black?

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WWE NXT Results
October 24, 2018

— William Regal is outside the arena with a host of security guards. He tells them when Aleister Black arrives he must see him in the GM office before he does anything else.


The Undisputed Era made its way to the ring and Adam Cole said that in case you missed it, Bobby Fish is back and that means they are at 100% for the first time in a long time. He promised that together they will make people FEAR the letters “NXT” and if there was any doubt, just look at what they were able to do to War Machine last week.

EC3 cut off Cole’s rambling and said that he didn’t deserve a rematch with Ricochet for the NXT North American Championship. He said it didn’t matter that the Undisputed Era was 100% because he is the top 1% of this industry, and asked for a referee as we’re about to have ourselves a match…


EC3 surprised his opponent with explosive offense early on, firing off with rights and lefts into the corner. Cole was sent flying to the outside and EC3 nearly got into it with the rest of Undisputed Era, but ended up taking a superkick to the side of the head from their fearless leader. Cole slowed things down for a beat, working over EC3 with tons of shots to the back of the head, working him over in the ropes and exercising as many referee counts as he could get away with.

Eventually EC3 rallied back and rocked Cole with a vertical suplex, and started to throw rights and lefts into the ropes. He connected with a series of shoulder tackles and a big high-angle Saito suplex, setting up for the One-Percenter, but he had to settle for a sit-down powerbomb for a close nearfall.

Yet again the Undisputed Era provided a distraction, and yet again Cole took advantage with a superkick to the side of the head. He tried to put things away but EC3 turned him inside out with a wicked lariat, before attacking Fish and O’Reilly who had jumped up to the ring apron. Cole attempted to roll him up from behind, but EC3 turned the pin over and snuck out the victory.

Winner: EC3

Cole was absolutely furious for losing that one, and instructed the Undisputed Era to absolutely brutalize EC3 on the entrance ramp. Roderick Strong caught him with a flying big boot. The group put the boots to him and mercilessly beat him down, before Cole hit a Shining Wizard to the back of the head.

Bobby Fish wasn’t done yet and got a steel chair, completely destroying EC3’s knee. Even the Undisputed Era looked shocked at that one, and told Bobby it was time to go, as officials and medics showed up to unwrap and examine EC3’s injured knee.

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