WWE house show report 4-17 Dortmund, Germany Reigns vs. Show (updated with new reports) )

By Alex Kraus

– House Show Report – Dortmund – 04/17/201

– Very hot crowd for the show

– “Let’s Go Cena – Cena Sucks” was a prominent chant from the fans before the show started

– Bad News Barrett cut a promo about Daniel Bryan’s injury and received tremendous heat. Jimmy Uso comes out to a huge pop  for a match against Barrett. Jimmy is extremely over in Dortmund. Jimmy picks up the win with a top rope splash. Good match.

– Next up is Cesaro & Kidd vs Los Matadores vs New Day. Cesaro & Kidd are extremely over here (specifically Cesaro), the other two teams were greeted with silence. Kofi cuts a promo saying that the crowd shouldn’t chant about how New Day sucks. Cesaro responds in german, telling the crowd to boo New Day whenever they clap. “New Day sucks” chants break out, followed by “Tyson Kidd” chants and then heavy “Cesaro” chants. Cesaro is extremely, extremely over. Cesaro and Kidd are playing faces here, no heelish actions whatsoever. Natalya slaps Big E on the outside of the ring. Cesaro & Kidd win with the big swing into dropkick. Kidd pinned Kofi. Good match.

– Adam Rose is out next to silence. His opponent is Finn Balor, who is greeted with a decent pop. “Let’s go Balor” chants start up pretty quickly. Balor gets more and more over as the match goes on. Crowd didn’t know him at first, but now they’re cheering after every move he hits. Balor wins after hitting the Coup de grâce. Solid match.

– Tamina, Cameron and Rosa out next to silence. They’re teaming up against Natalya, Emma and Layla who get a small pop. Emma and Natalya are both quite over. A good 15 min. match, Tamina looked good. Natalya picks up the win via sharpshooter on Tamina.

– A Connor the Crusher vignette airs 

– Sheamus comes out to a mixed reaction. His opponent is Ziggler, who gets a massive pop for his entrance. Extremely over. “Let’s go Ziggler – Sheamus sucks” chants are prominent, in addition to “you look stupid” chants directed at Sheamus. Sheamus beginning to get a lot of heel heat as the match progresses. Sheamus defeats Ziggler via Brogue Kick after an extremely good, back-and-forth match. After the match, Sheamus sets up to Brogue Kick Ziggler again, but Ziggler counters into his superkick ZigZag combo for a huge pop.

– Intermission

– Fandango out with Rosa, teaming up with The Miz. Neither Miz nor Fandango get a reaction. Zack Ryder is out to silence, he’s teaming with Mizdow who gets a huge pop. Miz cuts a promo saying he made Mizdow and now Mizdow should stop using his theme/likeness. Mizdow replies, saying the WWE Universe made him, not The Miz. Mizdow says “halts maul”, which means “shut your mouth” in German. Mizdow is crazy over and the crowd is chanting “shut your mouth” at Miz throughout. Good comedy work from Mizdow during the match. After a decent match, Mizdow picks up the win, pinning Miz via Skull Crushing Finale.

– Next out is Erick Rowan to a nice pop. Out comes Bray Wyatt to a strong pop. “Let’s go Wyatt” chants from the very beginning. At one point, Wyatt is holding a beaten down Rowan and taunts The Undertaker. Bray wins after a solid match, hitting Rowan with Sister Abigail. After the match, Wyatt picked Rowan up and helped him to the back.

– Main event is a street fight. Big Show is out first to a lot of boos. Reigns is out next. He gets a mostly positive reaction, but there are quite a few boos too. Reigns hits a nice Samoan Drop on Big Show through a table, but Show kicks out. Reigns gets hit with a spear from Big Show, then a KO Punch but still kicks out. The match ends when Reigns delivers 5 consecutive Superman Punches, followed by a spear for the win. Decent match. Reigns was really over later in the match.

-Overall, pretty good show made better by the hot crowd.

By Graham Lee

My first live event outside Canada.  Crowd is chanting “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” before the show starts.  Triple H video opens the show. 

First out is Wade Barrett.  He asks if everyone is excited to see all their favorite WWE superstars, which everyone cheers.  Then says he has some bad news for everyone, Daniel Bryan isn’t here.  Crowd starts chanting “Yes”, Barrett chants “No ” back which gets lots of boos.  Crowd chants “Yes” again, then Barrett chants “Nein!” which gets a big pop from the crowd.  Barrett starts to leave for the back when Jimmy Uso comes out to cut him off and they have a match.  Crowd is really into chanting “U-So”.

Jimmy Uso def Wade Barrett w/ splash off the top rope.

Next is triple threat for tag team titles:
New Day (Kofi and Xavier w/ Big E) vs Los Matadores (w/ Torito) vs Cesaro and Kidd (w/ Nattie).

New day comes out and the crowd is really into doing the “new….day sucks”  chant.  New Day work this a bunch and get’s a great response.  When Cesaro/Kidd come out they get a huge pop, Cesaro was one of the top 3 most over people in the show (the other two were Mizdow and Reigns).  Kofi tried to explain that New Day was all about positivity, then Cesaro took the mic and cut a promo in German, which got a huge pop from the crowd.  He told everyone to chant new day sucks, which of course they did.  Match was really fun with a nice spot with all of the extra people outside the ring, and New Day clearly working as heels.  Cesaro/Kidd each had chants for their names, and they did a spot where they did synchronized stomps on Kofi in the corner to the rhythm of the new day sucks chant. 
Cesar/Kidd everntually win with the swing/dropkick combo.  The whole segment and match was about 25 minutes long, crowd loved it.

Finn Balor def Adam Rose with the stomp off the top rope.  Crowd is behind Balor the whole way.

6 Divas tag match with Natalya/Emma/Layla vs Cameron/Tamina/Rosa Mendes.

Nattie was by far the most over of the Divas, I guess as the Hart family has always been popular in Germany.  Most of the match revolved around getting lots of heat on Nattie, before she eventually made Tamina tap with the sharpshooter.  Nattie took the mic just to say “We love you Germany”.

Sheamus def Ziggler w/ the brogue kick.  Good match, Sheamus cut a promo and got lots of heat.  Ziggler looked amazing at selling everything, and the crowd was really behind him.  Germans really enjoy chanting Dolph Ziggler, and it sounds pretty unique in that crowd.
After the match Sheamus is almost to the back when he turns around and comes back to the ring to go for another brogue kick on Ziggler, who counters into a superkick/zig zag to send everyone home happy.

After intermission it was a tag match with Fandango/Miz vs Zack Ryder/Mizdow.  Mizdow gets a huge pop from the crowd.  Miz cuts a promo to get some heat, Mizdow taked the mic and says a few things in German, which gets a huge reaction.  He gets everyone to chant something in German at Miz….not sure what it was but people loved it and did it all match.  Lots of good comedy spots, and the crowd really dug this match.  Eventually Mizdow won with the skull crushing finale on Miz for the win.

Bray Wyatt def Eric Rowan w/ sister abigail.  Wyatt was over as a babyface, and the crowd kind of forced Rowan to work heel.  After the match Wyatt helped carry Rowan to the back and they posed together.

Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Big Show in a street fight.  Big show comes out first and gets a good crowd reaction.  Roman Reigns also got a really big pop like he was the biggest star in the show.  This match was the best of the night, they really worked hard.  After some in ring work they went outside and got a kendo stick and chair invovled, which got big crowd reactions.  Crowd chanted “we want tables” for awhile, and when Reigns finally pulled one out people went crazy.  They teased the spot with Reigns going through the table, before he countered and put Big Show through the table with the samoan drop, which had everyone on their feet.  Eventually Reigns got a second table out, which got an even bigger crowd reaction, and he set this one up in the corner.  They did a spot where Big Show got on the top rope, and Reigns threw him off.  It was ridiculous and impressive to see the 7 footer come off the top rope in a house show, but these guys were working hard.  They teased the corner table spot a few times, with it looking like Big Show was going through on two occasions before he countered with a choke slam and a Ko punch.  enentually Big show tried to tackle Reigns through it but Reigns moved and Big show went head first through the table, in another impressive bump.  Reigns then hit the spear shortly after for the pin.  Big reaction for Reigns, and the crowd was really happy with the main event.

Overall it was a fun show, and the house was pretty much full.

By Timo Knopf
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here are the results from tonight’s WWE show in Dortmund, Germany.

Jimmy Uso b Bad News Barrett

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) (w/ Natalya) b The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (w/ Big E) and Los Matadores (Primo & Epico) (w/ El Torito)

Finn Bálor b Adam Rose (w/ Rosebuds)

Natalya, Emma & Layla b Cameron, Tamina & Rosa Mendes

Sheamus b Dolph Ziggler

Damien Mizdow & Zack Ryder b Fandango & The Miz

Bray Wyatt b Erick Rowan

Street Fight
Roman Reigns b Big Show

Biggest pops: 
-The table in the streetfight
-Roman Reigns

Main Event was good. A little slow, but Big Show comes across awesome at house shows, much better than on TV. Reigns was cheered like the legitimate new top star.
The tag match with Mizdow was hilarious. Sheamus vs Ziggler was really good, too. Ziggler did some cool high spots. And Sheamus was just awesome as a heel.
Wyatt vs Rowan was a little weird. Match had little heat, and most were cheering for Wyatt. In the end, Wyatt wrestled like a babyface, and the two hugged afterwards and went back down the aisle together.