WWE Heat Report (10/07/07) Taped in Cleveland, Ohio

WWE Heat Report-7th October 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jack Korpella
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. We’re just mere hours away from No Mercy and before we begin I’d like to give John Cena my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I commend John for the way he’s carried himself and the company seemingly non-stop for the last two years. John deserves a break and I know this isn’t the way it was meant to happen but hopefully he’ll rest up and come back better than ever while making a claim for the title that he never lost. The Champ will be here again someday soon. Back to Heat and two superstars make their returns today. Four matches are on the card and we begin with…………..

Charlie Haas vs Super Crazy
Welcome back Charie Haas. Grisham and Korpella spend time discussing John Cena’s injury and someone stepping up and taking the opportunity at No Mercy. Haas begins with a side headlock, shoulder tackle, fireman carry takedown, snapmare, kick and club to the back. Crazy reverses an Irish whip, charges, Haas backdrops but Crazy lands on his feet on the apron. Crazy fires a punch before coming back in with a springboard armdrag. Haas goes to the corner, Crazy delivers a monkey flip then la mahistrol cradle for a nearfall. An on the ball Crazy catches a Haas boot attempt before sending him to the corner with forearms. Haas reverses an Irish whip and catches a float over attempt turning it into a faceplant. Haas stomps on the chest before getting Crazy upside down on his shoulders and running him chest first into the corner. Haas punches a perched Crazy down then lands some stomps and gets a nearfall following a snapmare. Haas lands punches to the head before stepping out and landing a springboard senton splash for another nearfall. (Crazy got his foot on the rope). Haas wears Crazy down with a few chinlocks and punches to the head. Crazy elbows free then fights back with some forearms. Crazy attempts a wheelbarrow bulldog ala Rey Mysterio but Haas counters with a faceplant like he did earlier. Haas keeps the momentum with an Irish whip, battering ram in the corner and double underhook suplex for a nearfall. Haas goes back to the chinlock but breaks to hit Crazy with some shots. Crazy punches back so Haas knees the head then forces Crazy down into a cover for one. Haas Irish whips Crazy who botches a reversal attempt. Haas misses a charge and goes shoulder first into the ringpost. Crazy lands a dropkick, forearm, spinning heel kick off the ropes and two low dropkicks-one to the knee, the other to the face. Cover 1-2-no. Crazy hits an enziguiri kick then heads up top but Haas cuts him off with a jumping headbutt. Haas goes up attempting a superplex but Crazy jumps to the floor and drops Haas’ arm down across the top rope. Crazy quickly lands a missile dropkick from the top rope followed by a standing moonsault for the 1-2-3.
Here is Your Winner: SUPER CRAZY. Pretty good opener. Post match Crazy leaves with his tricolore vest.

The Highlanders vs Jay Bradley & Justin Laroux
Despite being heels the Highlanders still receive piped in cheers. The Highlanders walk to the ring with a stern look on their faces. Lilian pauses before remembering…I mean announcing their opponents. Grisham says the Highlanders are now all business. Laroux starts with hammerlocks to Rory. First time Rory gets to the ropes, second time he uses elbows and punches to gain the upper hand. Robbie drives his head into Laroux’s gut but Laroux counters a backbodydrop attempt off the ropes with a boot to the head. Bradley and Laroux spend several minutes working over Robbie’s arm with several shots and armbar variations. Bradley delivers an armdrag, armbar, kicks and an uppercut to the arm while Laroux ties up the arm and slams Robbie onto it. Robbie fights back with forearms but Bradley cuts off a rope whip by booting the gut. Bradley goes for a suplex but Robbie slips behind, boots the gut, delivers a headbutt then a head ram in the Highlander corner. Rory takes over with a series of punches, a snapmare, chinlock, two kneedrops, stomp and headbutt. Robbie drives his head into Bradley’s gut before taking him down and stretching his arms out. Bradley gets up so Robbie takes him down from behind then drops two knees and two double axehandles across the chest. Robbie holds Bradley down for Rory’s kneedrop to the face from the second rope. Rory goes back to the chinlock. Bradley elbows free, goes to run the ropes but Rory yanks him down by the hair. The Highlanders take it in turns to ram Bradley back first into their corner. Bradley tries elbowing Rory and forearming Robbie to get free but Rory hooks the tights to pull Bradley back into the corner. Laroux protests with the referee which allows Robbie to hoist up Bradley ala the Hart Foundation and go to Rory who headbutts Bradley from his position on the second rope. Robbie drops Bradley down and scores a nearfall. Robbie gets another nearfall after a slam before Bradley finally catches a break and instinctively hits a jawbreaker and tags out. Laroux’s offense of a boot, club and punch does little as Robbie catches him with a powerslam. After punching a semi-prone Bradley off the apron, Robbie tags in his cousin and the Highlanders finish Laroux with the Scot Drop (double reverse slingshot suplex). Rory covers, 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. This match was way too long, slow and boring. Crowd wasn’t into it. Post match the Highlanders pace around the ring menacingly.

Snitsky vs Jerry Mires
Snitsky returns after being quietly suspended last month. Mires (who looks a bit like Butterbean) goes by the name J-Rocc on the indies. Snitsky focuses on the gut with a big boot and two knees before shoving Mires to the corner. Snitsky lands an Irish whip and corner clothesline which results in Mires collapsing in a heap. Snitsky gets him up and applies a double underhook wrench around the ring. Mires yells out in pain until Snitsky decides he’s had enough and tosses Mires to the mat. Snitsky stalks Mires who uses the ropes to assist him back up. Mires turns and gets smashed with a rough looking clothesline before Snitsky finishes things with a pumphandle slam. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Mires’ selling was pretty good. Post match Snitsky looks at his handywork then leaves with a sinister look.

Daivari vs Ron Simmons
Main Event time. Daivari gets booed as he bows down and prays into the ring mat. SHAM! Daivari gets his pre-match persian promo interrupted by Simmons’ music. DAMN! Big pop for Simmons. Daivari jumps Simmons upon entering with punches and a stomp. BAM! Daivari chokes Simmons in the middle rope with his hands. JAM! After letting out a prayre call, Daivari gets Simmons up to punch. BAM! Daivari runs the ropes but gets caught with a spinebuster. WHAM! 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RON SIMMONS. Post match Simmons stands over Daivari with a mic in hand, pauses then says “DAMN”. Simmons takes his leave after posing for the camera. CAM! Simmons is now three from three since his in-ring return and is hamming it up. HAM!

Grisham speculates on who will get a title shot at No Mercy. Korpella says history will be made before signing off and thanking us for watching. End of show.

Best Match: Charlie Haas vs Super Crazy.
Worst Match: The Highlanders vs Jay Bradley & Justin Laroux.
Show verdict: Thumbs in the middle. A pretty decent opener, a long in the tooth squash, a short squash with some nice selling and a fun way to end the show.


Before the Main Event they should have John Cena come out and give up the title much like they did with Edge. Hell do the exact same thing as it was so well done and will mean more when Cena comes back-which will hopefully be as a heel. As for the Main Event itself your guess is as good as mine but I think they’ll go with a six pack challenge or something and have Randy Orton win. It would be nice that whoever wins the title could hold onto it for when Cena returns as that’s a ready made feud. An outside bet is Mr Kennedy but I’m not sure if he’s still in the doghouse…….doghouse. As it’s the WWE (Raw) title at stake I’d like just Raw competitors to compete but with the Undertaker/Kane vs MVP/Matt Hardy match being bumped off the card I have the feeling the match could include anyone. Six matches seems a bit light. I’d love to see Londrick get another shot at Cade and Murdoch or maybe something concerning the Cruiserweight Title. With the matches we know of I think it’ll be counterproductive for either Batista or CM Punk to lose their titles so early particularly after the long chase they both had to endure to become champions themselves. Hopefully we’ll see the last Punjabi Prison match and Khali will leave soon. I’ve stopped watching his segments on Smackdown. I hate the bait and switch tactic WWE have pulled with the ECW title as Tommy Dreamer deserves the shot so much more than Big Daddy V. A Dreamer/Punk match would be miles better. Good luck tonight Punk. Candice Michelle’s improvement in the ring has been a pleasure to watch this year. I was surprised when she won last month but she’ll lose tonight allowing the Glamazon to move onto a feud with Mickie James. Finlay and Rey Mysterio will be a nice blend of styles and Umaga will meet the same fate that King Booker and Carlito have suffered at the last two PPVs.

History truly will be made tonight. Hopefully No Mercy will be a good show. Wherever you are enjoy the show later on and I’ll see you back here next Sunday for Heat which is the day before Raw invades Birmingham, England. Take care, have a good week and I’ll see you later. Shaun.

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