WWE 205 Live Results (12/12): Buddy Murphy vs. Noam Dar

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live opens up with 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick announcing The WWE Cruiserweight Title Rematch at TLC between Current Champion Buddy Murphy and the man he took the title from, Cedric Alexander. Maverick then informs us that Murphy’s opponent for tonight, Noam Dar, wasn’t cleared for action and Gran Metalik will be stepping in for The Scottish Super Nova. Maverick then informs us that the main event will see Cedric Alexander face Tony Nese, who defeated Alexander only a few weeks ago following Super Show-Down.
We then get The 205 Live intro video.
Vic Joseph, Percy Watson &  Nigel McGuinness welcomes us to the show and hypes up the showdown between Cedric Alexander & Buddy Murphy at this Sunday’s TLC.
The champ make his way to the ring for the first bout of the evening. Gran Metalik comes out with the rest of The Lucha House Party.
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy vs. Gran Metalik (Non-Title Match): Tie-up. Murphy pushes Metalik in the corner and slaps him across the face. Second tie-up. Murphy takes control and wretches Metalik’s arm. Metalik uses his athleticism to escape but Murphy overpowers him to snatch the arm again. Series of counters from both men leads to a stare-down. Before a third tie-up, Murphy lands the first strike to Metalik with a kick to the gut. Metalik responds with a frankensteiner that sends Murphy to the outside. Tope con hilo from Metalik lands flush. He slams Murphy off the barricade, then walks the barricade like a tightrope and hits an elevated frankensteiner. Back in the ring, Murphy slows Metalik down by tossing him into the turnbuckles. Metalik stops a Superplex attempt, but jumps and gets caught by Murphy. Murphy turns it into a running vertical suplex. Cover but Metalik kicks out. Murphy wears Metalik down by targeting the arm/shoulder and cranking back on Metalik’s neck. Metalik fights to escape, but Murphy decapitates him with a standing big boot. Metalik mounts a comeback, landing an enziguri from the apron followed by a springboard crossbody with cover. Murphy escapes. Metalik hits another springboard attack and earns his moniker “king of the ropes” by walking the second rope from one side to the other to take the champion down again. Metalik goes for his samoan driver finisher but Murphy escapes. Superkick from Metalik. He goes for the driver again but Murphy shifts his weight. Thrust knee from Murphy. He bounces off the ropes and hits a Metalik driver. Murphy kicks out. Metalik can’t believe it. He climbs to the top but Murphy rolls to the outside. He goes to chase but Murphy slams him off the announcer table, then backdrops Metalik on the apron. He tosses him back in and climbs in. Top rope meteora from Murphy. He covers Metalik and Metalik kicks out at two. Murphy picks Metalik up but Metalik rolls him up. Kick out. Metalik lands a strike. He climbs. Murphy ties him up for a superkick but Metalik lands the kick instead. Moonsault attempt by Metalik. Murphy gets the knees up. Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb. Metalik escapes again. He goes for Murphy’s Law but Metalik uses the momentum to roll Murphy up. Kick out. Springboard attempt from Metalik but he gets caught. Murphy hits his Murphy’s Law finisher on Metalik and that will do it. Winner: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy
After the match, the champ celebrates in the ring.
We get a recap of last week’s match between The Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak and go backstage with Kendrick & Akira Tozawa.
Tozawa fixes Brian’s jacket and Maverick rolls up to inform them that their Tag Team Match next week will be a Street Fight. Maverick wants to get their reaction and they are stone-faced, so he explains that they had a Street Fight in 2017. Kendrick then says that he has changed and when he came back he manipulated people because he was desperate to keep his dream and nobody more than Akira here. Kendrick then says that in a way he has to thank Gulak & Gallagher for beating that into him and prove that he has to lift the division up and he is going to prove that in this Street Fight. Tozawa agrees that Kendrick is a changed man but the problem is he looks the same. But don’t worry, he has an idea. They walk off but Akira comes back and tells Drake that he is fired because he lost the tag titles. Maverick then points out the inaccuracy of that and that ends the segment.
Gulak & Gallagher cut a promo. They say that when they attacked Kendrick, they were doing it to save him. Gallagher then says that with a Street Fight, they can beat more sense into Kendrick. Gulak concludes the promo by saying that in a Street Fight nothing will stop him from making Kendrick tap-out.
The Tag Team Match is confirmed for next week. The return of Lio Rush is also confirmed for next week.
We then get a house ad for NXT & TLC.
We then get a recap of Ariya Daivari’s Match from last week and he is interviewed backstage.
He says that wrestling used to be simple – find two of the toughest men and let them battle until one was left standing. It was never meant to be flashy or pretty, but now all anyone cares about is dressing up like superheroes or retweeting compliments. Daivari then says that he has been out seven months with an injured neck and he is back to change that.
Hideo Itami rolls up. He says that he saw Daivari’s Match last week and he did a good job. He offers a handshake, Ariya accepts and Itami leaves. Daivari then says that Itami is one of the last true men around here, someone worth respect.
Tony Nese is on his way to the ring and it’s main event time. Cedric Alexander is out next.
Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander: Nese taunts Cedric before the bell starts by flexing. They tie-up. Cedric pushes Nese into the corner, breaks the hold and then taunts him back with some flexing of his own. Second tie-up. Nese locks in a waist-lock, but Cedric rolls through and escapes with ease. Hammerlock from Cedric, but Nese reverses the pressure. Cedric uses his quick agility to take Nese down, but Nese comes right back with a takedown of his own. Nice sequence where both men show off their athletic ability. Nese lands the first strike with a stiff elbow, but Cedric counters a mid kick with an elevated dropkick to take the early advantage. Cedric hits a couple of knife-edged chops and drops Nese over the top rope with an attitude adjustment. He goes for a suicide dive but Nese jumps back into the ring. Cedric climbs, but Nese cuts him off with an open palm strike. Cedric hits the mat hard. Now in control, Nese uses his power to wear Cedric down, Irish-whipping him hard into the turnbuckle. Cedric attempts a comeback but Nese thrusts him in the throat. Signature springboard moonsault from Nese with cover. Cedric kicks out at two. Nese immediately locks in a body-scissor to wear Cedric down. Another comeback from Cedric, but Nese catches Cedric with a strong lariat. Cedric baits Nese into the corner. He fakes like he’s going to go up then surprises Nese with his signature step-through flatliner. Series of elbows from Cedric followed by a running punt kick in the corner. Springboard clothesline from Cedric. He covers him, but Nese kicks out. Nese gets to his feet and unloads a series of strikes onto Cedric, but Cedric fires right back. Huge head kick. Cedric goes for the Lumbar check but Nese holds the ropes. Rib-breaker from Nese. He follows that up with a huge elbow and shoulder bump. Nese starts jaw-jacking at Cedric, screaming that he’s better than him. Nese with a slap. Cedric slaps him right back. Springboard enziguri attempt but Nese catches him and they both fall. Nese tosses Cedric to the outside. Summersault plancha from Nese. He tosses Cedric back in the ring and climbs to the top. 450 attempt but Cedric moves. He goes to roll Nese up but Nese rolls him up. Kick out. Michinoku driver from Cedric. Nese kicks out. Lumbar Check attempt again and it is blocked. Another attempt but Nese rolls him up. Cedric escapes. Springboard enziguri from Cedric followed by a Lumbar Check and that will do it. Winner: Cedric Alexander
After the match, Cedric alexander celebrates, but commentary wonders how much damage has been done before his title match on Sunday. Buddy Murphy comes out. He charges the ring and he and Cedric start going at it. Murphy slides to the outside. Tope con hilo from Cedric. Murphy escapes. Cedric stands tall in the ring, while Murphy poses at the entrance ramp and 205 Live goes off the air.