TMZ Posts Court Docs, Debra Speaks On Steroids, Bret Hart Speaks On Benoit


– has posted the court documents filed by Nancy Benoit for a request for a restraining order against Chris Benoit as well as custody of their son Daniel. The requests were filed back in 2003. Click here to view them.

– According to reports, Chris Benoit’s son, Daniel Benoit may have suffered from a genetic condition known as Fragile X syndrome. Click here for an article on that.

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s ex-wife Debra Williams spoke on the FOX 31 web site about the Benoit family tragedy. “Domestic and drug abuse is out of hand in the WWE and something needs to be done about it,” commented Williams, who also claimed that she witnessed Austin use steroids. “If only I had spoken up sooner, maybe Nancy and her little boy would be alive today … That’s why I’m going public now. Something has to change!” A victim of domestic violence in 2002 by Austin, Williams told the web site that she filed for a restraining order from Austin after a third incident between the couple. Williams alleged in the web site that Austin forced her to write a letter to the courts, ending the restraining order. Williams later consented to a gag order regarding the matter. Click here for the full article.

– Bret Hart has offered comments once again to the Calgary Sun regarding the Benoit tragedy. “I can’t begin to even understand what could drive somebody to do this,” Hart said. . “The sad thing about it is I never saw Chris lose his composure and I never saw him get angry. He was always a very solid, sound, logical kind of guy. It’s totally the last thing you’d ever expect to come out of Chris Benoit. I think that’s why everyone’s having such a hard time coming to terms with this.” Hart’s family helped train Benoit to become a professional wrestling. Click here for the full article. – Ongoing Coverage Of The Benoit Tragedy