Southern Scuffle Finals Matchups

The Gophers have nine wrestlers in placement matches, including three finalists. Medal matches get underway at 5:00 pm (CST)

125 pounds
1st: Matt Snyder of Virginia vs Nicholas Megaludis of Penn State
3rd: Nahshon Garrett of Cornell vs Josh Martinez of Air Force
5th: Jerome Robinson of Old Dominion University vs Rob Deutsch of Old Dominion University
7th: Eric Montoya of Campbell vs David Terao of American

133 pounds
1st: Jon Morrison of Oklahoma State vs Christopher Dardanes of Minnesota
3rd: Nathan McCormick of Missouri vs James Gulibon of Penn State
5th: George DiCamillo of Virginia vs Zach Watson of Virginia
7th: Mark Grey of Unattached vs Jordan Thome of Army

141 pounds
1st: Michael Nevinger of Cornell vs Undrakhbayar Khishignyam of The Citadel
3rd: Chris Mecate of Old Dominion University vs Nick Dardanes of Minnesota
5th: Connor Hanafee of Army vs Julian Feikert of Oklahoma State
7th: Dean Pavlou of Chattanooga vs Bryan Pearsall of Penn State

149 pounds
1st: Jordan Oliver of Oklahoma State vs Cole VonOhlen of Air Force
3rd: Drake Houdashelt of Missouri vs James English of Penn State
5th: Christopher Villalonga of Cornell vs Dylan Ness of Minnesota
7th: Dustin Walraven of South Dakota State vs Luke Frey of Penn State

157 pounds
1st: Jedd Moore of Virginia vs James Vollrath of Penn State
3rd: Kyle Bradley of Missouri vs Alex Dieringer of Oklahoma State
5th: Spartak Chino of Ohio vs Daniel Zilverberg of Minnesota
7th: Robert Burg of Navy vs Matthew Frisch of The Citadel

165 pounds
1st: Kyle Dake of Cornell vs David Taylor of Penn State
3rd: Nick Sulzer of Virginia vs Tyler Caldwell of Oklahoma State
5th: Zach Toal of Missouri vs Zachary Strickland of Appalachian State
7th: Harrison Hightower of Ohio vs Cody Yohn of Minnesota

174 pounds
1st: Chris Perry of Oklahoma State vs Logan Storley of Minnesota
3rd: Jon Fausey of Virginia vs Mathew Brown of Penn State
5th: Blake Stauffer of Arizona State vs Todd Porter of Missouri
7th: Cody Walters of Ohio vs Marshall Peppelman of Cornell

184 pounds
1st: Steve Bosak of Cornell vs Edward Ruth of Penn State
3rd: Mike Larson of Missouri vs Kevin Steinhaus of Minnesota
5th: Kevin Radford of Arizona State vs Chris Chionuma of Oklahoma State
7th: Mason Bailey of Navy vs John Eblen of Missouri

197 pounds
1st: Jake Meredith of Arizona State vs Quentin Wright of Penn State
3rd: Phillip Wellington of Ohio vs Brent Haynes of Missouri
5th: Conner Hartmann of Duke vs Scott Schiller of Minnesota
7th: Jace Bennett of Cornell vs Joshua Mohr of Air Force

285 pounds
1st: Dominque Bradley of Missouri vs Anthony Nelson of Minnesota
3rd: Nick Gwiazdowski of North Carolina State vs Alan Gelogaev of Oklahoma State
5th: Jeremy Johnson of Ohio vs Andrew Delaney of The Citadel
7th: Levi Cooper of Arizona State vs James Lawson of Penn State