Shelton Benjamin Talks About Leaving WWE & Says He’s Not Bitter

Former WWE performer Shelton Benjamin has issued his first public comments about his release, writing the following on his Twitter page this week:

“WWE never made me any promises just gave me an opportunity to make money. And I made a lot of money, so (they) fulfilled their end. I am not bitter or scourned and I’ve got too much pride, passion, and confidence in myself to cry like a baby because i was released.”

Benjamin says he was underutilized during his time in WWE and that there are many things about the company that “suck” – but that probably won’t stop him from returning to the company at some point in the future.

“Do I think I should have been a World Champion, HELL YES!, was I underutilized, without a doubt, do I have issue with WWE, NO! I NEED TO BE AWAY FROM WWE so I can grow are a performer. There are many things about that company that SUCK, but i got no time to be crying about it. I am enjoying a good life now and if history serves chances are you haven’t seen the last on me in WWE even if I go elsewhere along the way.”

Benjamin is currently wrestling for Ring of Honor with his former WWE tag partner, Charlie Haas.

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