Sexy Star Comments on Triplemania Incident, Strowman/Lesnar News

Sexy Star garnered a ton of negative attention from the wrestling community when she attempted to legitimately break the arm of GFW’s Rosemary at AAA’s Triplemania show. She has been pulled from future appearances, denounced by several wrestlers in the business, and even Rosemary did not hold back much when commenting on what happened to her. Sexy Star has now spoken out on the issue herself for the first time since it took place. She gave a statement to Lucha Blog in which she stated that the whole incident has gotten out of hand, and that she wishes to remain completely silent on the matter going forward.
During her statement, she let the wrestling world know that the incident does not mark the end for Sexy Star’s career. She also said that she was doing what she felt like she needed to do in that particular moment. When Sexy Star locked in an armbar on Rosemary, she ended up badly injuring her arm. Rosemary recently claimed that she suffered a “strained tricep/bicep with swelling around the area,” but she is hopeful that she can make it back to the ring quicker than expected. As noted, numerous wrestlers have spoken out against Sexy Star’s behavior, and wrestling promotions have revealed that she has acted unprofessionally in the past. Her full statement was translated in Google Translate and reads as follows:
“These days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday I had a championship fight; Was very hard. I think it all went out of hand. I do not know, it’s a situation that right now I’m a bit confused. I want to be silent and when I feel it is time, touch the subject. Men, women, they want to finish me; Retire from this sport. I’m here; As I said at the outset: I will not stop, on behalf of all women who have been mistreated, physically or psychologically. I think I have to be stronger. If at that moment I went through a depression and left, I will leave this one too. I was doing what I had to do, what people deserve, give me a claw until the end. That happened, I gave it up. It seems that the girl is injured; I do not know, I do not know. She is the only one that can say.”

On the Raw after SummerSlam, it was announced that Braun Strowman would be facing Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at No Mercy. Despite this, Strowman was nowhere to be seen on this past week’s edition of the show. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter now claims that the creative team has decided to not have Strowman and Lesnar get physical until their match. They believe that the two of them can’t be together without having them interact physically. As a result, Lesnar and Paul Heyman were on this week’s show, but Strowman was not. Strowman is scheduled to appear on Raw this week, but not Lesnar and Heyman. However, both men are scheduled to appear on the September 11th edition of Raw, and each Raw show after that.

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