Roman Reigns out with The Mumps

The health situation in the WWE locker room might be a little clearer as it seems Roman Reigns has been taken off TV with a case of The Mumps and will be off TV at least until the end of the month. Reports are going around now that Roman and others who tested positive will be re-evaluated on Oct. 30.
The reports go that the rest of the locker room received shots on Thursday to prevent the spread of the disease, but it is being reported Mumps symptoms take 16 to 18 days to appear and the WWE is worried others may have already been infected. Once a person starts showing signs they are sick, it may take a week or more to start feeling better.
It sounds like in a worst-case scenario, the WWE may need some time and a little bed rest until this disappears. It makes for a less scary case than viral meningitis being floated around the locker room. While only the WWE doctors will know for sure what was the illness floating around, we can hope all for a speedy recovery.

It is believed that with The Shield reunion at TLC falling a little short, that it will be resumed with Reigns and the others are cleared and ready to go. But for right now, rest will be in order from everyone involved.


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