Ric Flair Discusses Charlotte’s Recent Booking, Gives Praise To Andrade

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair recently spoke with WrestlingInc.com regarding the recent booking of his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

Ric Flair spoke about the recent booking of Charlotte and how he isn’t pleased with what she’s doing lately.

“I am not happy with the way they are doing it; I guess she’s been put in that role. Number one, I need to be left out of the equation because she has surpassed me in talent,” admitted Flair. “She’s never gonna be around for 40 years which is why I’m still a household name. I think they look at it and say, ‘Well, she’s like her dad. She’ll do anything we want her to do because she’s a pro.’

“I don’t think she’ll ever be bored with her storylines and not participate at its fullest. That part is wrong on Corey’s part. But as far as her being the best athlete in the company, a Hall of Famer already, and being the biggest star of the women’s division, he’s spot on.”

Ric Flair also spoke about Charlotte’s boyfriend, Andrade, giving major praise to him and his work so far in WWE.

“He has the same vision of her that she has for herself,” Flair said of Andrade before agreeing to a comparison between Eddie and Andrade. “What Andrade brings is the ability to do anything Rey Mysterio can do except he’s 50 pounds heavier. He’s a phenomenal athlete with a phenomenal look – even with the cut in his eyebrow – I tell him all the time to tell people you got in a knife fight.

“He’s got a gift and the little girl with him [Zelina Vega] has come so far and fulfilled a dream. She’s wanted to be in the spotlight for so long and Wendy and I have known her for a while. She’s doing a phenomenal job of managing him and her interviews are great. I can’t see anything holding him back.”

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