Review of Supercard Royal Rumble 1988 w/ “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

“This is a perfect companion to Duggan’s Timeline WWE 1988 appearance.”
Before January 1988 battle royals were a traditional over the top bout where all 20 or 30 participants were in the ring to begin. But WWF (now WWE) creative mind Pat Patterson put his unique spin on things. So unique now the winner of the Royal Rumble headlines WrestleMania with the champion. But do you know who won the 1st Royal Rumble on USA Network? You will by watching KAYFABE COMMENTARIES SUPERCARD ROYAL RUMBLE 1988 W/ “HACKSAW” JIM DUGGAN. 
As the production did with Honky Tonk Man who discussed his Summerslam loss to Ultimate Warrior, Sean Oliver takes us through Jim Duggan’s entire WWWF/WWF journey: 
• Duggan’s arrival in WWWF 1979-1981 as a TV enhancement performer taking on the Wild Samoans, Angelo “King Kong” Mosca and Hulk Hogan.
• Duggan’s return to WWF Feburary 14, 1987 vs. Sika on a Baltimore live event. (He came in from Bill Watt’s Mid-South promotion) & his appearance on WrestleMania 3.
• Duggan gets busted in New Jersey on May 26, 1987 with the Iron Sheik and subsequently sent home by WWF. 
• Duggan returns to WWF in July as part of a Paul Bosch retirement show. He begins to work with “the King” Harley Race. 
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• The political wranglings of the Rumble airing free on USA Network the same time Jim Crockett/NWA held the Bunkhouse Stampede PPV on Long Island. 
• The logistics of the Royal Rumble itself and who told him he was going to win.
Mr. Duggan is honest about the Sheik incident and how he was a victim of circumstances.  The fact he was even brought back to WWF stunned him. He shares memories of playing cards with legends like Sgt. Slaughter & Andre the Giant, the merchandise boom in 1980’s WWF, his dealing with Vince McMahon & other office personnel plus why he never won any championship during his WWF tenure. Sean also gets opinions on other Royal Rumble event participants. This is a perfect companion to Duggan’s Timeline WWE 1988 appearance. 
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