RESIST DAY #62: What You Can Do Today

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

      • Tomorrow the House votes on #. The folks at the ‘Indivisible Guide’ offer 5 things you can do to # right now:
        1. Demand they vote NO on the AHCA. (Here’s a sample script)
        2. (Find a Town Hall near your here.)

      • With the third day of his confirmation hearings underway, join national and local efforts to keep Neil Gorsuch from being confirmed to the nation’s highest court.
        Says People for the American, the group behind “Supreme Court justices should understand that the Constitution protects all of us, not just the wealthy and privileged. But Donald Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a judge whose record does not demonstrate respect for our constitutional values of liberty, equality, and justice for all.”
        • Call your U.S. Senators and tell them you oppose Gorsuch
        • Read the Indivisible Guide’s “” resource page.
        • Join the and campaigns both nationally and in your community. Resources .

Insist that your Senators either postpone Neil Gorsuch’s hearing or vote NO on his nomination to the Supreme Court until the FBI concludes its investigation in possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia’s alleged attempts to interfere with the 2016 elections.

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      • put forth by
      • . Win or lose, we shouldn’t go down without a fight. Call (844) 241-1141 now!

    •   using the district-specific Affordable Care Act numbers provided by Contacting Congress.
    • (or whatever name GOP wants to use). More resources .
    • Indivisible has provides additional resources and information .

  • ‘ also has a running schedule of events and actions.
  • ‘ on your mobile device

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